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Everesttosama , if that history was true , and that man was practicing such gross evil practices without Knowing it is sin and died in that, then it practical mean that man was never born from above he never was in that kingdom of Light and Love , He was in the Law where darkness and death reign. I cannot understand professing Christian will support such kind of people who encouraged evil calling them “revivalist” . They may have been used by God but God can use anyone for his purposes , but the one that Have not His Chracter have not His Life and therefore is in death. People put right doctrines above Character , they can excuse Chracter but never a doctrines which they do not agree with and we have this revival going on so much emphasis having the perfect knowledge of doctrines and not about the Life which fulfilled the pure and true doctrines. Honestly This is an amazing , am just suck and worst how can you support slavery without supporting the injustice. Slavery itself alone is injustice, this cannot come from one who is born again a child of grace.


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