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Chicago IL USA

 Why do Christians Hate Sin

Why do you hate sin?


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 Re: Why do Christians Hate Sin

The simple sunday school answer? Because God hates it... I hate sin because it seperates people from God and He does not get glory out of sin (or self love)

Josh Parsley

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 Re: Why do Christians Hate Sin

There's Someone living in me Who hates it for me.

Steve Lindsey

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 Re: Why do Christians Hate Sin

I hate sin because it served as the nails that held Jesus to a tree.

Jimmy H

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I don't think that Christians hate "their own" sin enough. But are very eager to hate everyone elses.

I pray that I will hate my own sin more than anything.

In Him, Chanin


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I hate sin because of what it does to my heart. I can't hear from God and can't abide in His presence with sin in my heart. Sometimes the Holy Spirit shows the effect of my sin on the lives of others and that is truly heart breaking as well.

That's the two main reason why I hate sin...

Ed Pugh

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The primary reason why I hate sin is because it's the one thing that's keeping me from Christ.

Last night when I went to pray and found my soul, once again in the presence of the Darling of Heaven and we fellowshiped with one another, I was truly happy and at peace.

Oh, I long for such happiness and peace to be permanent and very very REAL to me rather than just in my prayers.

But when the fellowship was done, I was back here, in this tired body, having to deal with a sick and dying world.

I left the merest taste of paradise for this...

And the reason why, is sin.

Sin...MY sin...separates me from God. That's why I hate it. The reason may be selfish, but hey, I'm a selfish creature and this is one place where I know God's not going to hold it against me. As much as I want to be with Him...He wants to be with me MORE.

Someday we will be together, forever, and pretty much the only thing needed to make that possible will be for God to remove, permanently, my desire to disobey Him and instead listen to my own, wretched flesh.


That's reason enough to hate it.

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 Re: Why do Christians Hate Sin

It stops me from walking with God! Thats most important to me so i hate sin!

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