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Well brother you could come over and visit us at www dot christianityboard dot com/ and start all over again there.

 2012/7/3 18:11

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I hope that this isn't long-term, Krispy. Regardless, I am confident that we will meet up sometime in Heaven or Earth. May the Lord bless and keep you! May His face shine upon you and give you peace!


 2012/7/3 18:13Profile

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"Ahhh... One less clown to deal with."

Boo-hoo! Who can I tease now? :-/

Seriously, if you need a rest, take one and hope you will be able to come back reinvigorated, refreshed in your desire to speak for the LORD.


Sandra Miller

 2012/7/3 19:47Profile

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Well Krispy, we have crossed swords in the past before. Here's wishing all the best to you and may you grow in the Lord and find a permanent job.

LOL at Miccah and Jimp's posts. :)


 2012/7/4 10:16Profile

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Celina, Texas


The Lord has made of the body many parts.

 2012/7/4 10:24Profile

 Re: Don't let the door slam your rear!

55 & 1/2 days....24 hour days...that is the approximate time you have spent posting on SI..[ not counting the time you have spent reading and scrolling here, or with videos...]

At least 2 months 24/7. I came to that by estimating 10 minutes a post. That is what it takes me...some 5 minutes, some 15 or 20 10 minutes seemed fair.

10 minutes, x 8000....80,000 minutes divided by 1440, the number of minutes in a day,= 55+ days. Your not alone, and no judgment implied. I just thought it interesting, and the estimate is conservative I believe. Add this in to your other endeavors and daily surfs, and I bet you have graduated into several months.

Every so often I take breaks. I'm working up the nerve to lay my cell phone down too....All electronic imput.

"Your family and church and God's work do not exist in the cyberland; but in real flesh and blood realities in the real world. Your children and wife will remember your faithfulness to them, and your time spent with them, as the loving Priest of your home, more than your many savvy posts.

I will say fare thee well, not goodbye, Krisp, hoping you'll pop in, if I am still around. I remain, your friend, and your brother, Tom."

 2012/7/4 10:44

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