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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : PIG HEADED CONFRONTATION W/ MUSLIMS GOES ON. HERO?

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Spin, lies and being a hero Christian Warrior? or just a foolish glory hound?

This cheapens the gospel message, and will incite many abroad to join Al Qaeda like groups. They might think that this is what American Christians are really like, and this fellow is soaking up the fame as a great victory for his bravery, and labeling it persecution.

"Law enforcement officials in Dearborn, Mich. said they are investigating reports that dozens of Muslims shouting “Allahu Akbar” threw rocks, eggs and chunks of concrete at Christians marching through the 2012 Arab International Festival.

Bible Believers, a Christian ministry known for its ‘confrontational evangelism,’ drew outrage from Muslims after they marched through the annual Arab International Festival with a pig’s head and signs denouncing Islam. According to local reports, some of the signs declared “Islam is a religion of blood and murder.” Another sign accused the Prophet Muhammad of being a “child molesting pervert.”

 2012/7/2 21:17

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I know it is frustrating when people who carry the title christian do things that make it look like all christians are lunatics. The reality is that we don't need to affiliate ourselves with them.

Let's pray that if they belong to a church, that they will grow with some church discipline and learn to function out of humility and a sincere christian spirit. There is nothing else we can do.

I think there is another thread that already covered this news article. You might want to look for it in the older forums.


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I read the article, but I don't understand- the evangelists were standing with pig heads and slanderous signs? If this is true this sounds antagonistic and sad. This is not the way for the ambassadors of Christ to witness.

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I started to watch the video of this man with the pig's head recently but could not continue to watch. The Scripture came to mind, "The Name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles through (because of) you" (Rom. 2.24).

God's answer to this? "Therefore My people shall know My Name..." (Isa. 52.6).

I tremble to think of the implications of that... and this man ought to be trembling too.


Allan Halton

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I thought this article is of interest here; it covers last year's Arab International Festival and deals with these same "preachers":

In that article there are links to youtubes of the "preaching" that went on that day. I decided not to post some of those links to those youtubes here because there is quite a bit of profanity in them.

In those youtubes you hear them yell the following:
"go put some make-up on!", "go dye your hair blonde!"(to a guy with long blonde hair).
To others they yelled
"You're a wicked Muslim!", "You're a disgusting Muslim!", "That's why you're a liar and on you're way to hell, ha ha ha ha ha ha!", "Muhammad is in hell!", "Cursed be Muhammad, Cursed be Muhammad!"

In a "pre-preaching speech" to his fellow preachers, Ruben Israel(the leader) says they are there to "preach who Muhammed is and what he's all about".
I will post that video here because I didn't notice any profanity:

Does all that sound like the preaching of the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ? I don't think so.

If anyone has the time and is interested, I would encourage a comparison of that type of "preaching" to these two videos which I believe are examples of good street preaching:


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Thanks, Oracio.

You good links to good street preaching led me to many more inspiring street preachers.


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It appears to me that the Hand of Protective Grace is being removed from the U.S.A.. There have been the most vile and satanic violence committed here lately, with numerous parent's assassinating their children; several through burning, Zombie cannibalism and mayhem, attacks that included dismemberment; and children murdering their parents.

It is though there is now a different America. A very few years ago, these events were unheard of on a National level, with few exceptions. They are now daily events, with expanding ferocity. This seems to increase, around the world, where the liberal spirit is in control; where Christ is thrown off as archaic and oppressive.

In liberal Europe, once the Christian Bastion of Earth, Islam is defended with much more zeal; the FATWAH [ holy command to murder ] is issued. Many journalists and public figures have been murdered simply because they defamed Islam, some, for creating funny cartoons mocking the intensity of the Koran, and the "prophet" Muhammad.

There may have been a few of these murders here in America, with some honor killings,[ Islamic women who embraced sensual American culture ]...but not many. I have a feeling that this is about to change.

Rueben Israel is going virile, thanks to U-Tube, and I believe his videos blaspheming Islam are being circulated throughout the Muslim World, to justify the promotion of Jihad; the destruction of the great Satan, and the establishment of Sharia Law. He has become an icon, a symbol, and what he does not realize, is that the "holy warrior" does not care. Their capture or death in an act of holy war is their salvation; they seek these things.

Also, this has given momentum for the home grown terrorist, to avenge these acts. This is the end-result, the royal badge of honor for the Islamist male; to kill for the honor of Allah, for SUBMISSION. The fatwah then transcends R. Israel, it extends to the "Christian" numeric, any believer as agreeing to carry the swine-head.

In Kenya, as we speak, churches are being slaughtered as they worship on Sunday, as evil doers, by the one and same spirit.

When America began to embrace the sodomite agenda, and promoted it in our courts, military, and legal systems, and began to teach it as natural selection to our five year olds, along with the murder of 60 million of innocents, the sins pile up, until the cries of the slaves reach Heaven, and God no longer covers. Jihad become His Judgment.

I believe that we are about to be shocked, and this event has contributed much to destroy the true Christian image abroad; a very foolish man, promoting hate. Christ and Him Crucified; this is our cry,. and He loves you! and died for you! Receive Him!....and with holy power, multitudes do and have. This is the message the Muslim must hear, not this wicked accusation and mocking.

It has hurt the cause of Christ, and maybe opened a door of war that will bring suffering to many.

 2012/7/3 9:34

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pilgrim777 your're very welcome brother, glad you were encouraged. I just hate the fact that many Christians are turned off alltogether from open air street preaching due to such bad examples of it which they see and hear of.


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