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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Scientists to unveil evidence of 'God particle'

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 Scientists to unveil evidence of 'God particle'

Scientists working at the world's biggest atom smasher plan to announce Wednesday that they have gathered enough evidence to show that the long-sought "God particle" answering fundamental questions about the universe almost certainly does exist.

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.....always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth.....

I have the Evidence living inside of me....and He loves me, and talks to me....but they didn't ask.

 2012/7/2 11:56

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 Re: Scientists to unveil evidence of 'God particle'

Another of man's attempts to find God in a place other than His being.

[edited in] And this particular god comes and goes on a whim.

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If the scientists called this particle something other than the "God" particle, would it be offensive to Christians?

This particle, whatever it is, apparently exists. Christians have to deal with it. There are going to be many future discoveries that Christians will also have to deal with, i.e. what exactly dark matter is, etc.

Of course I realize that astrophysicists (at least most of them) are not looking for God in their research. But perhaps they will find Him nonetheless in the process.

Discoveries like this, in my mind, add to the glory of God, not subtract from it.


 2012/7/3 10:22Profile

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Neither the research nor what it is called offends me personally. Obviously they are looking for the "how" of creation. From a biblical viewpoint, though many disagree, the how of creation is given in Genesis. [God said, it was so] Regardless of interpretation, God is the how of creation, if one seeks the how, from biblical perspective it is concluded they seek "God". This is not to say it is their intent. I do not intend to sin yet at times I do so, both knowing and unknowing.
Certainly the information gained from such research is often beneficial to mankind and it's agreed God can and does use these discoveries and very activity of man to glorify himself at will. Many teach God is glorified even in our sin, though for me it is a difficult concept at times.
There are times, I find terminology ironic. God will in time, provide His final enlightenment of that which has and has not been offensive behavior on the part of man.

 2012/7/5 10:17Profile

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