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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Christian Council condemns attempt to introduce anti-conversion law in Manipur, India

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 Christian Council condemns attempt to introduce anti-conversion law in Manipur, India

All India Christian Council (AICC) condemned the recommendation by Indigenous People Forum to introduce the Manipur Freedom of Religion, the anti-conversion law. Various national and international human rights forums have termed that Anti Conversion Bills are draconian laws that violate fundamental and constitutional rights of fellow citizens.

The Anti Conversion Laws in Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, and Chhattisgarh have been misused by Hindutva forces to harass minorities. The innocent members of minority religions have been harassed under the draconian laws. The religious fanatic groups in the state of Manipur are targeting to harass the innocent members of minorities.

“All India Christian Council believes that hidden tactic of Hindutva forces could be behind the ideology of Indigenous People’s Forum attempting to bring the anti conversion law. The Christian Council cautions the people of Manipur ..

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 2012/7/1 12:08Profile

 Re: Christian Council condemns attempt to introduce anti-conversion law in Manipur, I

I was involved in ministry in Andrah Pradesh [Hyderabad/Secunderbad ] and stalked some by Hindi detectives trying to arrest me.

After 9/11, the Islamists were emboldened, and developed a campaign to convert entire "Dalit" villages to Islam through the elders. They would offer money, and jobs and opportunity in Education. This was very seductive to these people, who were forever chained to their class, almost a "slave" class, which as the lowest, prohibited any upward mobility.

They were the heavy-lifters, street sweepers and house servants to the upper and middle classes, for life. Some villages, [ 50,000-100,000 ] fell to Muslim, and this outraged the Hindi.

Their slave-class was out of the chain,* and as in the Civil War south, this meant an end to very cheap labor, and became a threat to the upper cast income; the wallet.
*[ Just as in the slave days of the south, an "untouchable" has to bow down to the upper class Hindi, and remove himself into the road to allow them unhindered passage.]

So, with vast superiority in their congress, they passed the Non-conversion Laws...which basically prohibits any non-local to speak to another religion concerning conversion. The Hindi economy does not want the Dalit to be free; let them remain as they are; the farm/class...manual labor force. This maintains the status quo.

Originally installed as law, it was primarily aimed at the Muslim encroachment in India, but was liberally used , especially in the cities, against the Christian, and the Western Missionary/Preacher. It was illegal for a Westerner to witness, preach, or even pray with an Indian National in some places. I, as I said, was stalked and watched, but really wasn't hindered.

I have heard from an Indian friend [ Mumbai] that this law has been shut down; but evidently again resurrected?
Hope is from anti-Christian Hinduism's attempt to silence the true gospel.

 2012/7/1 14:44

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