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 I'll be taking a leave from Sermondindex for at least awhile

I received the following advice from a good moderator:


Due to your recent sermon index posts it seems to me it might be wise to take a break from posting on the site or just choose to not post anymore. You are always free to use the sermon materials."

I am compelled to take his advice, and I will not post here, at least for awhile.

It would have been very unfair to me to leave without saying why I left.

May God bless you all. always.

Arthur Biele

 2012/7/1 10:54Profile

 Re: I'll be taking a leave from Sermondindex for at least awhile

hmmm... well In the past I have gotten the same message from the 'mods' so don't feel alone.

Tell you what.

I'll take a break as well!

Signing off for a long while.

No hard feelings, just time for another break.

God bless to you and everyone else.

 2012/7/1 11:09

 Re: I'll be taking a leave from Sermondindex for at least awhile

I take breaks too Artb, I go away for about a week and then come back. It's healthy to do that so we don't get too involved. Some people don't post on the Weekends, others just post every once in awhile.

It's better to have a Mod approach you with this than to down right throw you out without a reason. So this is a good thing.

Give yourself some time to breathe and when you do come back to post, love the people that your posting to. Put faces to them as if they are standing in front of you and your words will reflect that in your post.

When a thread starts to get heated, pull away immediately and ignore the thread. Better to be on the right side with peace than to be on the wrong side with strife. There is nothing wrong in being silent especially if someone is speaking against you and you want to defend yourself. It's a temptation to do that, so try not to give into it. Walk away from it and let those that remain who have no sense to learn fight among themselves.

 2012/7/1 12:00


Art did love us but he wasn't believed when he tried to explain the damage that the stroke did to him. I've understood what he was going through in that area for months - from first hand experience besides my former medical work. Wish others did before he was pushed into a corner after he apologized.

Breaks are good, Art. I take them for a year at a time - canceling internet service completely. Spending time alone with Him heals much, and we come to understand that communicating through text with strangers isn't the ideal of Body ministry.
We need to be with folks that truly know us well and sincerely care at a much truer, deeper level.

Enjoy Him & His Love Fully
Romans 8:28.

 2012/7/1 21:29

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ArtB, I take breaks from this forum too. Just wanted to know that you are loved and don't stay away too long.

Thank you Jesus-is-God for your explanation.


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