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 Christianity deemed Evil for Opposing Homosexuality-John Piper

 2012/6/30 15:51

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 Re: Christianity deemed Evil for Opposing Homosexuality-John Piper

I was walking in Managua , Nicaragua two days back and seen a big banner that said (my translation): "Christian, Socialist, Sandino [political],and homosexual who loves the people, but what hurts is when you don't love me"

I agree with what Piper said.

We have entered into a time when unravelling the perversion in the modern mind is beyond human and phycological ability. In fact, the present time is revealing more and more those who are working in the flesh and those who have the Spirit of Christ. It will be interesting to see to what extent the modern homosexual movement will change the cultural outlook on Christianity.

I don't think we should be alarmed that they will hate us for calling sin sin. What suprises me is that, of all the abominations in the world, why does it seem like only homosexuals have a serious and public problem with Christians. In the 1st century of Christianity mostly everyone hated the christians, not only the homosexuals, but those who worshipped idols, practiced witchcraft, etc.

Anyways, just some thoughts. Thanks for sharing the article.


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