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 Angus Buchan Mighty Men Conference 2011

Famous from "Faith Like Potatoes"

Mighty Men conference 2011 in South Africa

Also highlights from previous years Conferences

 2012/6/29 15:41

 Re: Angus Buchan Mighty Men Conference 2011

According to these video highlights over 50,000 men show up each year at these annual meetings.

one meeting had 72,000 men

That's incredible.

And Angus message is not a health and wealth gospel

 2012/6/29 20:04


On SI it's all about revival, now in our time, not in the past.

Well now in our time on the earth revival is happening.
There are many men of God on the earth now who are spending hours each day in prayer, in bible reading, then go forth and reap the harvest. We should be joing in the current fresh work of God in the world today.

Angus is one of those men.

This is the 54 minute documentary that tells the complete story. From God sending rain to stop the raging fire to raising a women from the dead to healing a man's leg with a steel rod in it.
Also talks about how through a tractor accident that took the life of his young nephew, God would bring Angus even through that.
Right now this is God's modern Jonothan Goforth
This is Gods modern Leonard Ravenhill
This is one of many of Gods current true men of God reaping the harvest now, in our time.

watch and be encouraged!!!

edit for spelling

 2012/6/30 8:15

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