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We all know what Obamacare is. We all know what it costs. Conservatively, it will cost over a trillion to implement and you know how costs grow. In the beginning, they said Medicare would only cost 16 million. Get my point? Well, this is law now, unless a new president overturns it. If he can.

How do I feel about it? I am not going to let it steal my joy or harden my heart. I am still going to honor all men as the Lord commands and pray for our leaders.

Unlike the world, we have many good and edifying things to think about. Praiseworthy things, lovely things.
Let's rise up and shine as the days get darker. This is a test to rise up and shine and glorify Jesus Christ and walk in love rather than moan and complain and get bitter. Bitterness defiles many.

This hits everyone hard. I don't know of any exception.

If we are going to get ready for the coming persecution, then let's get ready in these small things.

Jer 12:5 If thou hast run with the footmen, and they have wearied thee, then how canst thou contend with horses? and if in the land of peace (America or whatever you are trusting in), wherein thou trustedst, they wearied thee, then how wilt thou do in the swelling of Jordan (tough times, persecutions, add your difficulty)?

Part of getting ready for the coming persecution is learning to keep ourselves in the love of God in these bitter disappointments of life and rising above it all in the power and grace of the Lord Jesus. Remember, we are just passing through and although we will not experience the Lord's wrath we are promised tribulation. Things like this are types of tribulation. Are we going to crumble and revile leaders and hate men or are we going to allow the Lord to perfect us in love in all matters?

Maybe, there will be some unaccounted for blessings as we see the days get darker. What if the Church rose up to be the victorious, joyful self-sacrificing Church of Jesus Christ not caring what the world did to it? The world is wishy-washy and anti-God and that should not dictate how we "feel". We walk by faith, not feelings and last I knew, Jesus Christ was still in control of all things.


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The estimated cost of this legislation is 1 trillion dollars. Somebody's gotta pay that back. That should make just about anybody sad.

Ah yes, I do understand.

America is already in debt to Saudi Arabia and China exceeding well over a trillion dollars which will never be paid back.

I agree, it is a sad day.

 2012/6/28 19:25


The Jews at the time of Jesus were under oppressive taxation. The Supreme Court ruled this as a tax. Jesus said give to Caesar the things that are Caesars. I have a feeling there will be far more serious things to be concerned about then Obama care when it finally goes into effect in 2014.

Look to the SI conference and you know what I am referring to.


 2012/6/28 19:54

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I agree with the poster who highlighted how this is small potatoes compared to the system the first century Christians lived under.

That being said.....

Chief Justice Roberts clearly stated that in the courts view six things were true

1. It is clearly a tax
2. As a "tax" , the power to regulate taxes clearly rests with the congress in the Constitution
3. The Supreme Court has no right to usurp congresses ability to tax at the rates it sees fit
4. If the people do not like those tax rates.. then they need to elect different representatives!
5. Ultimately the voters messed this up by sending representatives that would tax them at these massive rates.
6. No one but the voters can fix it as we are the ones who elect the ones who determine tax laws an amounts!

I know a lot of the conservative world is mad at him right now. However, he removed it from the hands of the Supreme Court and placed the future of it directly in the hands of the voters! Brilliant!

Perhaps Chief Justice Roberts is crazy... crazy like a fox!

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While I disagree with the legislation, I do find Justice Roberts constitutional reasoning sound. At least he did state that if it were an individual mandate under the interstate commerce clause, it would be unconstitutional. And while I think it is a stretch for him to interpret this legislation as a tax, I can at least understand how he sees it that way. I respectfully disagree with him on the part about it being a tax... and so did the other conservative justices. Such an interpretation now creates a huge loophole that anytime congress wants to pass a new issue that should come under the interstate commerce clause, they'll just say it is a new tax instead. That definitely gives me pause for concern.

Jimmy H

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Part of getting ready for the coming persecution is learning to keep ourselves in the love of God in these bitter disappointments of life and rising above it all in the power and grace of the Lord Jesus. Remember, we are just passing through and although we will not experience the Lord's wrath we are promised tribulation. Things like this are types of tribulation. Are we going to crumble and revile leaders and hate men or are we going to allow the Lord to perfect us in love in all matters?

I think that's a great exhortation. Thanks for posting it.

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 Re: Obamacare Stands

The Bible speaks of sowing and reaping.

A year from now, or even less, the 'fruit' of these taxes, and the misery it will have caused, will be apparent.

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 Re: Obamacare Stands

Pardon me while i throw up. Mr.Obamanation and his Obominational law. Just God's judgement via a Socialist takeover as America circles the drain...

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IMO, what the SC did here was illogical according to the way our SC of the US Justice system is supposed to evaluate/interpret laws and deem them on their face as constitutional/unconstitutional. See, Obama and the Democrats (who wrote the bill) have been saying all along, "it's not a tax, it's under the interstate commerce clause." it's written that way in the bill.

For a SC justice to step out of pure "interpreting it AS IT STANDS ON ITS FACE" and say, "well, it should die under interstate commerce as unconstitutional, but it wouldnt have been unconstitutional as a tax" (& apparently now it's perfectly OK to lie to the American people to pass a law under totally false pretense), tells me something. See, it's an illogical and "left field" interpretation of the use of both the law itself, and the power of the SC to interpret it however they choose, regardless of how it was sold to the people in intent.

This seems so illogical on its face, I think only one conclusion makes sense: God sovereignty allowed it to fulfill HIS purposes. To revile the court, the president, the congress, etc. (though this was a stupid move) is the wrong focus at this time, I believe. This kind of stupidity only passes through the minds of so many untouched and supported if God allows it. Kinda like Abortion. These same people have said that human life doesn't matter and it's perfectly just to horrifically slaughter a growing baby in the womb. So now, this idiocy should surprise anyone?

We are given over to reprobation, far and wide as a society. Aborting over 50 million innocent babies. The secret service designed to protect the president are living like porn stars and thugs. Our government is accused of giving weapons to Mexican drug cartels and hiding documents about it? We are supporting the changeover of Egypt's leadership to the Muslim brotherhood who is basically the parental organization that spawned Al Quieda, Hezbollah, & Hamas? Why does this healthcare thing surprise anyone? God allowed it for His purposes. One more block pulled out of our "Jenga" tower. Keep pulling pieces out, and the tower falls over. God is sovereign.

Just like Social Security. See, it's gonna be broke soon because the "Baby Boomer" generation has tons of workers about to retire, but they aborted millions and millions of their potential offspring that would have been paying into the system to cover their retirement. Natural consequences to spiritual sins that we're never even considered (not important compared to the murder act anyway, but worth noting that you "reap what you sow" in more ways than you at first realize sometimes when you "sow to the wind". The whirlwind is sometimes larger than you could have first imagined).

Relax brethren. God is in control. As pieces keep getting pulled from America's "Jenga" tower, know that it will fall one day, and God was there all along the way. When it does, great persecution will come. With it, true repentance/revival/reformation will happen, though it will not be seen far and wide in the national eye, but God will be working it out in the hearts of people everywhere. It's OK. it's glorious actually. Its all part of the Master's plan. "for in this world you shall have tribulation, but rejoice, I have overcome the world." Amen and Hallelujiah to the Lamb of God that was slain. Who was, and is, and is to come, be glory, and honor, and praise forever - amen!

 2012/6/29 8:31


I believe I read somewhere that the Jewish leadership told Pilot we have no king but Caesar. Is this not what this nation, even the churcgmh is saying as she rejects Christ and turns to government as her God.? Is this not the antichrist?

Now who is going to be of that remnant who will arise and say there is another King. And his name is Jesus? And who will join me at the SI conference in Atlanta to prepare for the coming persecution in declaring that Jesus is the only true King?


 2012/6/29 8:49

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