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Discussion Forum : General Topics : Is President Obama a Christian?

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 Is President Obama a Christian?

Is President Obama a Christian? Does anybody know if he has a viable testimony of being born again? This is a kingdom question. Please no Calvinism or politics. I just want to know if the man has a credible testimony with Christ.


 2012/6/27 15:12

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Hampshire, UK

 Re: Is President Obama a Christian?

Are you serious?!!
Nothing else to add from me.


 2012/6/27 15:44Profile

 Re: Is President Obama a Christian?

I pose this question because someone objected to my praying for President Obama's salvation. They said he is already a Christian. I assume the person was implying he had a personal relationship with Christ. In googling I found he believes in the redemptive work of Christ. He believes he has been cleansed of his sins. But does this translate into a walk of faith. Does this mean he is born again.

I pray for souls irregardless of political affiliation as I am kingdom oriented. I desire to see this man and his family converted.. But I do not want to call out for anyone's salvation if they are already a believer.


 2012/6/27 15:48

 Re: Heydave

I am very serious for someone's soul. Check previous post why I posed question. There are some believers who say he is saved. I am wondering what anyone in the forum thinks about this.


 2012/6/27 15:53

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bearmaster. I do not know if he is a Christian or not. What I do know is that we are to pray for our leaders, and we are to pray for all of our friends and enemies.

This pretty much encompasses your praying for him. Keep praying for him. The Lord knows how to interpret your prayer. Do so in faith. Let the Lord work out the details.



 2012/6/27 15:54Profile


It's very scriptural to pray for him, love his soul and not hate anybody.

I've never seen so much hatred for so many different types of people in all of my life and the hatred is coming also from those that call themselves Christians. The sites that I used to look at - I can't anymore because it's all Hate.
It's as if the whole world is being fueled to 'love hate'.
We need to 'hate hate'.

Thanks, Bearmaster!

 2012/6/27 16:18


We are commanded to pray for those in authority (not to attack them personally like all the "Christian Right-Wing Evangelicals" of modern day political lore. I would pray for Obama & his family.

That being said, I see none of the "Evidence/Marks of the New Birth". I have heard no real testimony. I See many/most of his decisions leaning towards ungodly Satanic works in America ("Gay Marriage", "Late Term Partial Birth Abortion", etc.). I see him having given credence to Islam and making statements giving credence to the Mislim faith. I know he attended Reverand Jeremiah Wright's "church" for years and years, & I know some of what he said/taught/teaches.

It is not mine to judge Obama, but I can, and am called to, discern fruits. I saw more fruit/evidence in George Bush's testimony, & then he said "we all worship the same god. Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, etc." & that told me a lot right there, according to what scripture says about such a statement. I have heard nothing that would make me genuinely accept Obama's "Christianity", & much that would tell me he was either not even remotely one who even believes at all, but says so for political expediency, or is totally apostate and ecumenical. Nevertheless, this is all the more reason to pray for him, amen?

 2012/6/27 17:57

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