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Romans 8:29 For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.

Predestined ( chosen ahead of the actual event in time). Was the event eternal security?Not according scripture, the event is conformity to the image of his own son JESUS.If your life is not bringing forth the fruit of being conformed to the image of CHRIST(this is to be determined by self examination, examine your self whether you be in the faith ,the bible says) and have no concern for your personal holiness , I would not for a moment pride myself on being predestined.

Understanding a doctrine on predestination is a dangerous position if there is no evidence of a continually being conformed to the image of CHRIST. While it is true we cannot change our self, there is one who can and his name is JESUS. Throughout the new testament JESUS tells us to ask the Father for the things we need to live a life that is pleasing to him.

We can receive this conforming to the image of his son by asking, as we continually realize how short we have come in acquiring this grace. Conformity to the image of CHRIST is a fruit not a work, the difference being, the later is a result of self effort,the former a result of abiding in the vine (CHRIST). While we abide in the vine (CHRIST) the sap (life of CHRIST) feeds us, and we grow and produce the fruit of conformity to the image of CHRIST. Abiding in the vine is the only way we will ever over come a works mentality,because if your not abiding in CHRIST the only thing left is self effort.We dare not pride our self in mental assent of any doctrine if we bear no fruit as a result of understanding.

The very fact that Christians fight and devour each other over being the more enlightened sect on any doctrine is the very proof that the fruit of humility is sadly in want. It is not that we can not have a different view, because PAUL said we look through a glass that is unclear at times, but when we refuse to admit we could possibly misunderstand, that is nothing more than pride.

Has your theology ever changed before because you realized it to be in error? I think if we are honest most would say yes. If our growing in Christ involves tweaking our understanding now and then, why do we always think we will never have to tweak again? Have we arrived at perfect theology and have no need to beware of possible error anymore? Pride will most certainly accommodate this attitude and lift us up to a higher level where we wait for the less enlightened to catch up.

There is a lot of warnings in scripture about going to war over words while neglecting our concern for brotherly kindness. While your doctrine may be correct your posture may be wrong, and you allow yourself to be consumed with concern over being right ,rather than taking the position Paul did when he said ,if any of you have a different view GOD will make it know to you.

There is a time to stand your ground in regard to the truth as reveled in scripture,as PAUL had to do on many occasions, but a careful examination of ones own motives in doing so is I think a demand of the law of LOVE IN CHRIST JESUS.

Motivated by a party spirit ,to be embraced by my party as a true player, and no concern for the well being of the opposition is very often the case. If your only ambition is to be correct and not for the edifying of another then pride is most certainly at the core of your striving to uphold the truth, because truth is in a person and not in reasoned out theology. His wonderful name is JESUS. Being full of advice while empty of CHRIST will always bring division , while being full of CHRIST will always bring advice from a heart of compassion.

FOOD FOR THOUGHT; sovereign - Supreme in power. The title( Sovereign GOD) brings to mind more than just supreme in power but also supreme in ability, and even with that we are still falling way short of a true understanding of the absolute control of a sovereign GOD. JESUS in the garden prayed all things are possible to YOU (FATHER) . Why do we question GODS ability to remain in complete control and at the same time give man a free will? Is GOD limited by our ability to comprehend HIS ways? Has HE not said my ways are not your ways, and my thoughts are not your thoughts.Are we not limiting GOD by saying because I can not reason it out how this could be, therefore it can not be.Scripture points in both directions, toward GODS choosing and electing and also mans ability to choose, can I honestly say I understand this? (NO) I do not understand how GOD never had a beginning either, but I still believe it by faith. So I also choose to believe in GODS ability to do what I do not understand concerning this issue, and I choose not to slander another Christians views by getting involved in a debate that has done more damage than good to the BRIDE OF OUR DEAR LORD.

To those of you who would care to boast in the ability of man to freely choose his own way in life I would say, the choices GOD allows you to make are not a right of passage,but rather a privilege and should be treated and appreciated as such. Remember he can remove this privilege just as easily as HE in HIS grace gave it,never presume upon his goodness and assume your ability to choose will always be there. HE can and does harden a mans heart when HE chooses to! Romans 2:4 Or despisest thou the riches of HIS goodness and forbearance and longsuffering; not knowing that the goodness of God leadeth thee to repentance?
Romans 9:18 Therefore hath HE mercy on whom HE will have mercy, and whom HE will HE hardeneth.

To those who say the ability of man to choose his way is just an illusion, because GOD has already made his choices for him, I do understand from where you can arrive at this conclusion, but at the same time I also agree that you have to disregard,disprove or just count as invalid a lot of passages in the bible that point in the other direction. If GOD had not set before us a choice and told us to make the choice then this would not be a legitimate argument, but HE did,and so now we have to decide if HE really meant for us to choose or does HE just want us to think we can.I believe upholding GODS honor is the real issue here, if HE told us to choose then surly HE meant for us to reflect on what HE has said and make the right choice or not.What reason could GOD possibly have for telling us to do something HE has not equipped us to do? At the same time I do realize when dealing with GOD almighty ,that just because I can't make a case using human logic does not mean it can't be so, for this reason I do tread lightly on this issue and desire only to uphold my Kings honor. HE has said my ways are not you ways and my thoughts are not your thoughts . Joshua 24:14-24 Choose You This Day Whom Ye Will Serve,But As For Me And My House We Will Serve The Lord


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