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Discussion Forum : General Topics : How do you explain a seemingly supernatural event which happened to me?

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by sermonindex on 2012/6/26 18:07:08

The band is Type O Negative. The title of the cd is called 'October Rust'

To be honest with you brother the Lord may be trying to speak to you about this type of music. I feel it is something that is not very beneficial for a growing Christian who is sensitive to the Holy Spirit to listen to. I would ask you to consider this.

I came from a background of listening to strong rap and hip hop and when I was saved I destroyed all these cds. But then I was introduced back into the "christian hip hop" and the Lord spoke to my heart clearly one night that if I wanted to grow in Him I should lay this aside also.

I have and I have never regretted that decision. May God give you His peace in His quiet presence as you seek the promptings of the Spirit to guide you according to the Scriptures brother.

But if you read my previous post I mentioned that I don't listen to much music anymore. Really the only time I listen to music continously is at work. I work in an office and when I have to work with people we play music of some kind. When I am by myself I have on some form of talk radio format. Even on the weekend, when I have to work, I bring in my ipod and listen to some podcasts along the way.

I have a little library of cd's that I dont' listen to very much either.


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BrotherGary, why do you think your cross was moved? Did you ever arrive at a reason for it?


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pilgrim ,,i concidered it a sign it seemed to increase my faith in a supanatual god that was verry close to me ,iv had others signs as well but only in the beggining of my walk with christ were this things prevelnt in a way

and they all led me to worship ,and believe in god ,in a stronger way then before ,,in those early years is preasence was verry strong weeping and joyess laughther would touch me it was in explainable joy and peace that passes all under standing,,,,,tho i nevver seeked signs and after a wile i delibretly begane to focas way from signs ,,becasue i was convicted of the vainity of talking and wanting sings over holyness ,,now it is verry rare if any


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