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 Let the Wolves Come

Brothers & Sisters In Christ Jesus Please here my words.

The Lions have been let lose and this is the time to ACT.

I have a post on here about the Philly Five and only (to date) 111 peeps have looked at it.

5 of our Brothers & Sisters have been arrested in Philadelphia and are currently facing trial for trying to preach to the unsaved.
The Charges are Hate Crimes and its being swept under the Rug.

How many millions of babies are murdered by there parents every year?

Rape, murder, child molestation, the hungry, porn, cartoons blaspheming the MOST HIGH GOD, prosperity gospels, and soooo many more Wolves.

Yet we do nothing, I say we, as we are one body in the church, I say we but also I mostly mean me.

I do nothing, I can sit here and type and talk a good game, but the most I could do today was write on a sticky "Jesus is the purpose of your life" and stick it on my rebate for Norton’s system works, I still have not even mailed it.

Pitiful is right.

What have you done? I hope more than me.

The lions are coming the day is almost over, why don't we all just ACT.

Do something anything to spread the GOOD News.

And pray for me that I do the same.

In Love Michael

PS. Plz don't think you need someone to tell you what to do, God will Bless the Work of your and my hands.

PPS. But in case you need a sign from GOD well here it is. Jesus said go to the ends of the earth and proclaim my name. so go!


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 Re: Let the Wolves Come

The news of the Christians in Philadelphia has been reported by other ministries, like Voice of the Martyrs, and I got a newsletter about it in my e-mail. I am praying God is with them and guiding them. Please don't think lack of ticks on the counter means brothers and sisters don't care, we can't all respond all the time. Thanks for your understanding.

Pleasing God is the most important, send the note! :) Peace in Christ.


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