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 "Study shows those who believe in heaven commit more crimes"

Bet these kind of stories are going to continue to build steam and grow in frequency and directness in the days ahead. Criminal element to those who believe in heaven. Of course, that includes Muslims, Roman Catholics, Apostates, etc., but of course there is no mention of that. They wouldn't dare suggest it is Muslims, or even might be!

 2012/6/23 19:23

 Re: "Study shows those who believe in heaven commit more crimes"

The takeaway of this short article and study confirms that a balanced understanding that God is Just and will punish sinners by sending them to hell is a deterent to crime.

I am not saying it cures all crime but it does have a positive effect on both saved and unsaved.

This study affirms these two scriptures of Gods truth.

Pr 16:6 ¶ By mercy and truth iniquity is purged: and by the fear of the LORD men depart from evil.(part of the fear of the Lord here is the punishment in hell)

Also when Jesus declared,

Mt 10:28 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.

Fear of ultimate punishment in hell and fear of getting caught are a deterent to criminal acts in a society.

Obviously I believe that on the more "positive" side, truly born again believers are less likely to be lawless.

He who is forgiven "much" loves much.

 2012/6/23 19:36


What you say is true. Notice none of that is (or would be) included/explained in the article. Only a brief half truth which leads the world to conclude: "see, those Christian type people are the problem". This type thing is at the "tip of the iceberg on the horizon" stage. There's a spiritual storm like a train just starting to leave the station and build steam. That baby is gonna get flying at top speed deceptively before you even realize it. "All aboard" Is the call I hear in my Spirit.

 2012/6/23 20:25

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 Re: "Study shows those who believe in heaven commit more crimes"

Unitarian universalists also believe in Heaven, and that EVERYONE goes there, regardless of what they believe or do.

Yea, the hypocrisies of the left in writing such articles are clear.

 2012/6/23 22:28Profile

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Sooner or later they're going to start chucking us in jail as a "preventative measure for society". Get ready.

 2012/6/23 23:00Profile

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Well, no one on the streets seem to be listening, maybe some in jail will.

 2012/6/24 2:03Profile

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Good point.

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A bogus science Paper from 2 muslim scientists at a very liberal College, published in a secular humanist science Journal, and the article posted in the extremely left wing 'The Blaze'.

"Lies, damned lies, and statistics."

The sources going back as far as 1980 from such places as Post Christian Western Europe where many identify themselves as infant baptised Christians, or of Christian heritage, or those who go to Church perhaps once or twice a year, if at all.

Or South America where so-called Christians practice the dark arts of Santeria, Macombe, and other African religions. The Statue of Jesus on their mantles right next to the Catholic version of Mary, next to other idols of pagan deities, and a dead chicken under their bed, they are obviously hedging their bets on whom will give them their desires.

Or from the non-Christian religions.

I personally do not believe in everlasting hell where people are tormented forever. This belief of mine has not led me into a descent of ever increasing sinfulness. I rejoice in the love of God and fellowship of the saints.

Is it the fear of hell that keeps us Christian?

Or is it the fellowship, love and mercy that God has bestowed upon us when we were lost in our sins, through His only Begotten Son, the perfect Paschal Lamb of God whose blood washes away all our sins for all time? It is God's love, Kindness, and forgiveness that changes us. It is the indwelling Holy Spirit whom works God's good will in His children.

I have no thought for a reality of, nor fear of, a 'hell', because God's love for me has cast out all fear. I know that God who called me is able to transform my very nature via the indwelling Holy Spirit, that I may natural do the good He created us to do. I have a daily fellowship with God. And I believe you do also. When we confess our sins, God forgives them and He also cleanses us of all unrighteousness.

Or is it fear of hell that keeps people from sinning? I seriously doubt that. History says no to that question.

Arthur Biele

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I admit, reading your comments made me leery of reading the article. I expected it to be hype and spin – a slam against believers and an incentive to persecute us. But, folks I don’t see any of that. Consider this quote:

“Belief in hell predicted lower crime rates … whereas belief in heaven predicted higher crime rates.”

This is not saying that belief in heaven predisposes people to crime! It’s a comparative study.

Shariff and Rhemtulla believe that the study raises “important questions about the potential impact of religious beliefs on global crime.”

Is this not true? Perhaps further scientific studies could distinguish authentic forgiveness from permissive enabling. That factor is not foreign to the scientific world – certainly in the area of psychological treatment in relationships - ie differentiating the pattern of enabling from truly holding one accountable.

A good point to gain here: Let’s keep hell in our theology! That’s something that has been fading away. But at the same time guard against presenting an enabling permissive kind of God.

Further scientific study might discover those who believe in both hell and a forgiving God. That is the God of scripture!

May God’s glory shine through those criminals who have been truly forgiven by God and are walking on a path of holy living.



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I agree with this article, this is a clear proof that if you evangelize people based on Heaven and Hell destination you will only lead them to a life of Crime.
The salvation of New Covenant is not only a change in destination from Heaven to hell. It is the way in which you go. For example if you change your destination place for your vacation you will also not change your flight or bus or driving direction, won't you? You will not take the same direction. But many Christians alone preach an impractical Christianity where the destination changes without any change in your direction. This is illogical.

First let us lean what True salvation is, it is to be saved from our Sin, based on the very first promise of New Covenant (Matthew 1 -21). Salvation is to be saved from this perverse generation (Acts 2-40). If you are not being saved from Sinful life style and the acts of a perverse generation then you are not saved, Period.


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