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I wounder how many here have been burned by churchanity?

This is a fair question, and we’d do well to stick with it. It calls us to reflect on our own experiences – as opposed to expressing generalized judgments against churches. It’s worth remembering that we can get burned in good bible believing, conservative, doctrinally-pure, spirit filled, Christ-centered churches. The common pitfalls in human relationships are not denomination-specific. The danger of belonging to a “great” church (or house group) is that we can get burned far more deeply. That is because our expectations of these people are far higher. These hurts that can take a long time to heal – because they shatter our illusions so deeply.

Really, “getting burned” has more to do with ourselves, than those we perceive as the ones who hurt us. Our hurts tell us far more about ourselves than others. After all, how we interpret our offenses affects how we feel afterwards. Our hurts can help us see something within ourselves that needs refinement – and maybe crucifixion. I’m sure most of us here would not deny that our Lord often uses hurtful experiences to teach us about ourselves, our expectations, or idolatries, self-centeredness, and much more.

Can we not say that the issue is not “churchianity” but it is our fallen selves – how we relate to the people within an organization, and how we respond to the perceived offenses against us?

Don’t you think that maintaining that focus in this discussion is far more productive than turning it into a church-bashing opportunity (a propensity that is instinctive in anyone who has been hurt or disillusioned by the church)?



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Amen to another great post Diane!

The disciple asked Jesus how often he should forgive someone maybe 7 times, but Jesus said not 7 times but 7 times 70.

We all need to learn to grow to maturity in Christ from all our unpleasant experiences. We need to learn not to quit and not to harbor anger or grudges against others.

We need to learn to walk in Jesus' foot steps in love and forgiveness toward others. We need to learn to suffer for the cause of Christ instead of causing others to suffer.

We need to be filled with the Spirit and learn that the joy of the Lord is our strength. We need to learn that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.

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good bible believing, conservative, doctrinally-pure, spirit filled, Christ-centered churches

Diane: I had to laugh. This reminds me of something like the First overcoming church of God in Christ Jesus with signs and fire following.

You are right. There are times when we perceive something as an offense against us. There are times when something within us needs to die. Unfortunately there are also those times when the offense is legitimate and purposeful. There are times when we really have been wronged. The question is, how are we going to deal with it? Do we press into God and allow His Holy Spirit to be our comforter. Do we allow His forgiveness to flow through us toward others? Do we center up on Him? Or do we wallow in the hurt and the offense, focusing on our selves and how we have been wronged and allow the Devil to steamroll us with bitterness and unforgiveness?

The choice is not easy for it requires death to our self. Our emotions and our carnal sense of justice will rise up. But then a dead man cannot be offended, right? We are healed from offense when we die to self and allow God to deal with it.


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