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I wounder how many here have been burned by churchanity?

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 Re: churchanity

If by "churchianity" you mean people who set aside the simple teachings of Christ and the Apostles and substitute their own commandments and traditions for safety and security of their fellowship or denomination?

Well then yes. I'm sure many have been burned who seek to follow the simple teachings of Christ and the apostles.

I will also say that I have played my fair share of "burning" to my shame.

I would hope that through all these things I and we would grow in the knowledge, wisdom and revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ that we might truly be of benefit to others in the body.

There is also much confusion in the body on what is true christianity etc.
We need to continue to live and proclaim the truth for this generation of people.
This is our time.
We cannot change the past generations although we can learn.
We cannot control future generations.
But we can proclaim life and liberty from sin in THIS generation for the salvation of souls and the glory of God!!!!

 2012/6/23 10:14

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 Re: thingsabove

RE: thingsabove wrote /If by "churchianity" you mean people who set aside the simple teachings of Christ and the Apostles and substitute their own commandments and traditions for safety and security of their fellowship or denomination?/

Yes, you articulated it much better than I ever could, thank you

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One thing I want to recommend everyone here is that 90% of the speakers on this website or probably more where all parts of denominations in their day. They wanted to be part of a solution and not just speak evil of everything.

A.W. Tozer is a great example of this, he was in the Alliance denomination reforming it and asking God to revive it.

Martin Luther desired to reform the catholic church yet he went out and starting his own movement in the end not out of rebellion but in love for the church.

John Wesley died an anglican and his movement never fully separated from the anglican church until his death, he desired to reform it.

May we not just speak against all denominations unless we are constructively doing something for the kingdom of God. Even Leonard Ravenhill who poked fun at denominations worked in them his whole life to see them revived.

To me all denominations are just wineskins as Jesus spoke of. Some are more rigid and older and some are more young and the Lord can still apply oil to it to keep it flexible for His use to pour wine in.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: sermonindex

Hi, brother Greg I love this sight and the speakers that have been chosen for this sight, And I Love the Heart that you have for the Church and for revivle.

I am part of a local bible believing church that is part of an apostate denomination, The liberal controling voice within the denomination is one so far removed from the Truth that it is unreal, The majority of my local body is in favor of leaving the denomination of course there are many obsticals to make this happen and also we have a couple of individuels in the body that want to stay in the denomination to try to influence it, but what I see is it is more likely to influence us.

What are your thoughts, I always apperciate your opinion, Thankyou,

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want to stay in the denomination to try to influence it, but what I see is it is more likely to influence us.

Praise God, there are those whom HE plants even in our "bad" denominations who are serving as God’s light. We may not readily see these people because they work in quiet ways – or maybe because we are standing so far back in our judgments that we can’t see them at all. We do not know how many God is transforming through their experiences – even through the famine or the closures. Let’s remember it’s the famished and insignificant who are more inclined to be humble then those who have abundant blessings.

When we make broad sweeping swipes against the existing church as we see it, we must recognize that we are failing to acknowledge what God might be doing, what is going on in his bigger plan, and what is happening in the hearts of people. We are standing so far back we can’t see anything clearly. And we are not praying for the light to shine in the darkness or willing to be part of that light.

God has some of the greatest contemporary saints at work in some of the darkest places in modern Christianity. Why not seek out their work – their literature, etc. And be blessed yourself. After all, some of these people are able to help us see our own blind spots. And, above all, they deserve our prayers.

Let us not be accomplices of the devil on these matters. Remember, you still likely find more Bibles, hymns, histories of God’s blessings, prophets, etc in churches than you do at Walmart.

PS: Frankly, I've heard so much bashing against "churchianity" that I'm tired of it. We can all see it, can we not! Why continue to hang out our dirty laundry for all to see. Haven't we got a higher calling???



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 Re: churchanity

I have been hurt at times by people in the church. Who hasn't? I have been tempted to be offended. If I had focused on the ones who treated me badly, or if I had dwelt on the offense, I could have been offended and allowed a root of bitterness to spring up. The end result would have been the defilement of me and many around me. Offenses will come. The issue is what we do with the offenses. I heard an astonishing statistic about Pentecostal believers. It is said that a significant number of these believers no longer attend an organized church. I wonder how many of them have been hurt by others in the church?

We must keep our eyes firmly fixed on Jesus. We must be rooted and grounded in Him and in His word. We must have root in ourselves. These deep roots are what allows us to stand in the middle of storms.

When we take our eyes off of Jesus and fix them on something else, even on something good that is just a few degrees to one side of Christ, we will always wind up in error.


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What really matters most is that the Lord Jesus Himself has been burned by Churchianity. If I was offended once, I forgive, pray for discernment, & ask the Lord if I'm to leave or stay. See, the Lord's name/reputation/Word is blasphemed, defamed, & slandered repeatedly daily by Churchianity. That is what is so egregious about it.

 2012/6/23 16:52

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 Reviving a Christless Church.

I do not speak evil of any denomination, neither do I care about them. But I believe that a true disciple of Jesus will not be part of a Church where there is no Jesus. We see in Revelation that Jesus was standing out and knocking the door of Churches while the men inside were doing their so called worship. If there was any true bride of Jesus in these Churches they will surely leave the church because what will they do if the groom is not there. They will not try to revive the Church to reinvite the Bridegroom (Jesus) but follow the bridegroom that is what the True men of God like Zac Poonen have done. I am not sure about the men referred by Greg. Let God alone be True and every man a liar.


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Forsake not the assembly of gathering with the saints!

I encourage everyone to pray that the Lord would led you to a spirit-filled bible believing church and if you are already in one then you have a lot to be thankful for. Pray that God will use you to be a blessing to the body of Christ.

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