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Quote: "As a former serious atheist... please do not give up on them. They are not beyond God's redemptive hand."

Of course we musn't give up on them-- I just don't recommend arguing with them.

That being said, the author of the article did make a few statements that I suspect are not true; of course it may not be possible to PROVE he is wrong; nonetheless:

1. It is doubtful that many atheists were Christians prior to their "conversion" to atheism. Perhaps there was some connection to Christianity, which is a far car from being a true follower and disciple of Christ. It is very unlikely that they had a genuine love for the Lord and were truly followers of Him at some point in their lives.

2. Atheists almost always appeal to intellectual reasons to support their non-belief. While I believe they really do have these intellectual reasons, it is my suspicion that there is almost always some bad past experience behind their choice to not believe. Further, there are 'cultural' reasons are practically synonymous with 'intellectual' reasons since it is our culture that poisons people's thinking in erroneous ways which make Christianity seem unbelievable.

3. I disagree with his statement that atheists "probably aren't God's 'elect' anyways." Jesus Christ is God's elect One and every person is invited to share election through Him.

4. I agree with most of his list of the methods that generally don't work with atheists, but "friendship evangelism," if done in love and not just to 'convert' them as a means to an end can be effective IF (and it's a big if) the witness is truly living a Christ-like life.


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a message I listen recently dealing this:
Two Judaisms by Art Katz

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