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 MUST READ: 15 Steps of Suffering With Our Saviour by John Sung - 1941

On January 28th, 1941 he went through a second operation. During this confinement Dr Sung wrote another letter dated April 28th, 1941 to Miss Leona Wu and the Christian Evangelistic Leagues of Nanyang (Southeast Asia):­

"I have not written for some time because I have not heard from you. Let me report to you the latest, that you might pray more often for me before His Throne of Grace. I believe the sufferings I've gone through are beneficial to you. I have gone under the surgeon's scalpel twice, and it is now three months since the second operation. All the wound mouths have healed, except for a small one which has persisted for a month. Last week it was discovered there is more fistula that needs surgery to complete the cure.

"It is five months from December 9th to date. This is a long rest. During this period there have been many trials and pains, which gave me much discouragement. Now that these trials are over, as I look back, they are truly God's mercies and grace.

"Thanks be to God, He has put me into a hospital cold and stark in this northern region, as it were shutting me up in a tomb, that I might get closer to Him. By His great love I have received many precious messages. Never in all my life have I undergone such a testing, such an indescribable testing.

"Beloved brothers and sisters, the Day of the Lord is at hand. That Man of Sin, the son of perdition, is soon to be revealed. The fearful scene of Rev 13 is beginning to unfold before us. Be patient and faithful if you are to conquer. While the Beast will control the world and the world receiving his mark will marvel at the Beast and worship him, we can easily identify his mark. Our insignia is the cross. Their insignia is a metamorphosed cross. Do you see it? Without this mark no one can buy or sell. No one can take any profit. So, brothers and sisters, if there are still among you those who love the world with it’s' money and fame, when the world will worship the Beast you will be caught in it. Prepare to suffer in the steps of our Savior, who left behind Him footprints of suffering that those who love His appearing may follow in His steps.
"They are:

1) Steps of poverty. Foxes have holes and birds of the air have nest, but He found no place in the inn save a manger for his body, though angels brought good tidings. Lord, we will lie down with you without a pillow, but we have a resting place for You in our heart!

2) Steps of refuge. You had to escape to Egypt in a cold
dark night soon after Your holy birth, taking refuge in an
alien country from Satan's murderous clutch. 0 God, show
us how to follow in His fugitive steps.

3) Steps of hiding. See how the Lord of Creation has hid
Himself in the person of a laboring carpenter, earning little money, a friend daily to his insensitive tools, to his saws and knife blades and blocks of wood. All the money He had earned by blood and sweat were given to His mother to bring up a brood of orphans. 0 God! Give us patience to follow our Lord in these hidden steps!

4) Steps of waiting. When He patiently waited for God until John was cast into prison, He had already undergone the Wilderness Temptation, whereby He passed the test of holiness before He came forth to preach the Gospel. 0 God! Help us patiently follow our Lord in the steps of waiting.

5) Steps into No-Man's Land. Often we think of working in big cities and towns. As for our Lord He labored for years in Galilee among the village folks. He used the simplest parables to expound the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. Thus He made those sitting in darkness and death to see a great light. In the wilderness He made miracle bread. By the lonely Jacob's well He preached the Wonderful Word of living waters to a woman. 0 God! Help us follow the Lord humbly to No-Man's Land.

6) Steps unknown to men. Praise the Lord, He did not preach in a big church, nor did He advertise big. He preached in Peter's little cottage to those who thirsted for the Word. Moreover He raised a paralytic and in an off-the-track spot in Syria. He praised a Canaanite woman for her faith. He opened the eyes of a blind man outside Bethsaida village. At the Pool of Bethesda He healed another paralytic of thirty-eight years and left the scene immediately. 0 God! Help us follow the Lord to No-Man's Land.

7) Steps up the Mountain. We are afraid of ghosts at night. We dare not go up the mountain. But He often climbed a hill at night to pray. He prayed a whole night before He ordained twelve disciples. He prayed on the mountain to avoid the multitude who wanted to make Him king. At the fourth watch He secretly led three disciples up the mountain to hold a Bible class with them. He showed them the mystery of the Cross and the glory to come. We do not have time to relate many another mountain experience, such as the Sermon on the the Mount and the Mandate from the Mount. 0 God! Help us follow Thee in Thy footsteps up the mountain.

8) Steps of great risk of life to save souls. After a terrible storm, He came to a graveyard where He saved one possessed of a devil. He also walked on the sea at midnight in order to render help to the twelve rowing lonesome in a little boat. On a crowded road He took pains to push His way through to Jairus' house to raise his dead daughter. O God! Help us tread the steps of One who risked His life to save souls.

9) Steps of being misunderstood. Oftentimes the steps He took were misunderstood by the people. Why did He enter Matthew's house to eat with publicans and sinners? Why did He enter Zacchaeus' home to stay with a rich man? Why did He eat in a Pharisee's home and allow His feet to be washed by the tears of a harlot'? Why did He delay two days before He came to Bethany to raise one He loved? Why did He allow Mary to break the alabaster box of precious ointment? Why did He preach to another harlot alone by a well? Why? O God! Help us walk a holy path in His steps of being misunderstood.

10) Steps of being detested. At Nazareth Synagogue where He preached He was almost pushed down a cliff. At various other places where He preached He was not ap­plauded but stoned instead. These were steps of being detested.

11) Steps of drinking the bitter cup. We all like to drink the sweet. He drank only the bitter, the bitterest of cups, in Gethsemane, willingly. 0 God! Help us walk in the steps of drinking the bitter cup.

12) Steps of being abandoned. His own brothers thinking He was mad did not believe Him. His beloved disciple sold Him and that disciple who obtained highest marks denied Him. On the night He was betrayed the disciples whom He had painstakingly trained for years left Him, but God stood by to strengthen Him. O God! Help us walk in the steps of being abandoned.

13) Steps of fulfilling God's will. Whenever He met with suffering He would encourage Himself with words of prom­ise from Scripture. He gladly obeyed to do anything so long as He fulfilled the Will of God. Whether He was betrayed by Judas, or taken into custody in the Garden, be it ever so bitter, He was willing if that was to fulfill Scripture.

14) Steps of being falsely accused. After He was arrested and tried before the Tribunal, He was falsely accused, but He said not a word in reply. Before Pilate He was declared innocent and yet He was to be crucified. He remained silent like a sheep led to the slaughter. O God! Help us walk in the steps of the falsely accused.

15) Steps to Golgotha. What a Via Dolorosa! He plodded on, step by step, until He reached the hilltop. There He was hung on a cross to bear our sins. Thanks be to God, He has left behind many more of his footprints which I cannot pen. Nevertheless, His footsteps, steps of bitter suffering, had fulfilled the will of God. Let us follow the Lord in His steps in order to see Ills Resurrection power and the glory of the Rapture. Thanks be to God, He will lead us in these steps that we might conquer through Him, leaving behind that sweet fragrance.
"Dearly beloved brothers and sisters, be Christians in these end-times! Unless we firmly follow the Lord, persevering in the way, we will surely fail. Now, my time is up. Here comes my food and my secretary has to go. I have many more things to say, but ...:May the Loving Savior be with you always, unto the end of the world."

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