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 Sen. Rand Paul Calls For ‘Reawakening’ in US

The United States is in the middle of a “spiritual crisis” and needs a “reawakening.” So says Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul.

“I think our problems, though, are worse and deeper and more profound than just political leaders can correct. I think we really are in a spiritual crisis as a country. And we need a reawakening. We need a revival,” CBS reported Paul as saying during a speech to the Faith and Freedom Coalition in Washington, D.C.

Paul, the Libertarian son of Texas Rep. Ron Paul, also said America is at a “crossroads.”

“I think we are wavering. And there are many moral issues that confront us,” Paul said, vowing to work in the Senate for laws that make abortion more difficult.

Paul has long been a pro-life proponent, working on bills such as the No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act, Life at Conception Act, the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act, and the Protect Life Act.

“I will continue to fight for these, not just passively, but we will fight and hopefully get a vote on at least one of these pieces of legislation this time around,” Paul said during the speech. “I think we will ultimately be judged on whether we participated, whether we tried to defend life.”


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