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 The Cry Toronto- Faytene Grasseschi HELP!

Hey Brothers and Sisters,

So I need help with some discernment. There is this event called the Cry that has started in Canada over the past 10 years. It is a prayer movement and the leader's name is Faytene Grasseschi

It is scheduled to be held in Toronto in July and I would really like to go because our city really needs the Lord to move and work, however I am also very unsure of what it is exactly and what it believes, I have heard some not so good things from other believers. It would be helpful if someone can give me some insight into this!

In Christ

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 Re: The Cry Toronto- Faytene Grasseschi HELP!


This is an interdenominational event so you will get Christians from many backgrounds attending. The event will be of more of a charismatic leaning but in my experience of this event and others similar it is not a dangerous place to go to. There is alot of hype about these events and I am sure they can make a difference because of the prayers.

but what is going to change a city for God is constant daily intercession in personal lives that are living in holiness. And to live a holy live daily and having a burden to witness and share.

There is no spiritual shortcut to get all the christians together and then he city will repent. It just does not happen.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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but what is going to change a city for God is constant daily intercession in personal lives that are living in holiness. And to live a holy live daily and having a burden to witness and share.

There is no spiritual shortcut to get all the christians together and then he city will repent. It just does not happen.

This is very true!

A few things also to consider/be ware of though in my humble opinion.

From the site:

TheCRY lay dormant for 4 years until it was resurrected by a passionate group of young adults under the leadership of Faytene Kryskow

In the Bible we always see leadership as male (unless we have the rare occasion where a man will shrug off his role, and hand it over to a female). To deviate from that, and even promote that should raise some red flags right off of the bat.

Also it's interdenominational. I have no problem with people from any denomination joining together to pray, on the condition that they're Biblically sound, and sanctified in the Truth as Christ delivered it. I think I would check out and make sure exactly how "interdenominational" is defined. Does it include Catholics, and Mormons? I think it would be wise to see exactly who is referred to as a "brother" or "sister" by this group.

Lastly, I just picked a random video on the video section of the site, here:

I randomly selected the one entitled "TheCRY Hollywood - Part 3 (Of Many)"

Listen to what the man says at 0:28 in reference to the picture that someone made of "Jesus":

"So I was thinking I'd walk over here and fall in front of the face of Jesus, and say 'Lord, this is Yours.'"

While pointing his direction towards the picture, so there's no question what he was referencing.

Leviticus 26:1

You shall not make for yourselves idols, nor shall you set up for yourselves AN IMAGE or a sacred pillar, nor shall you place a figured stone in your land to BOW DOWN TO IT; for I am the LORD your God.

This went unchallenged in the video...

Call me a nitpicker, but that's serious stuff, and I didn't need to watch much further. Sound like a small thing? God didn't think so in Leviticus, or in Exodus. Remember that the golden calf was referred to by the people as "YHWH" also. An image of God being bowed down to, or referenced to being bowed down to is a serious thing.

I would personally say, "red flags".

Beware of a little leaven.

 2012/6/20 6:07

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dear etos, leaven is the law or legalism.check galations.jimp

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i just wept with grief after watching a random video on the sight link givern by our brother , everestosama

red flags just went up

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America's Heartand


Let's see now.... we have folks bemoaning the fact that Christ's followers are not fasting, praying, and asking God to set us back on a good course.

When someone else begins to be used to do that exact thing then they are criticized by the very same people because they dislike some minor detail involved.

(sarcasm on) Yeah... I suppose we should all be stay at home critics like you.(sarcasm off)

Those who can, want to, and have the desire will do great things for God.
Those who do not have those traits will simply criticize those who do.

You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel. Matthew 23:24

 2012/6/20 9:32Profile


dear etos, leaven is the law or legalism.check galations.jimp

Yes, jimp, I agree, that is one definition of it in the Bible, however there are many more. Remember that in the Gospel accounts it's the leaven OF the Pharisee's. Their particular leaven.

In Corinthians 5 leaven is identified with malice, wickedness, and boasting. In the Old Testament it's a representation of the mixture which God finds detestable.

The idea of leaven in the Bible is much larger than just legalism. It ties into the idea of sin, false worship, and false teaching.

In Greek “pareisaxousinin” (laying truth next to error). The example is seen with the LORD throughout the Torah as well detesting a mixture.

Jeremiah 23:28 for one example.

THAT leaven. Watch out for it.

 2012/6/20 9:43


Those who can, want to, and have the desire will do great things for God.
Those who do not have those traits will simply criticize those who do.

You blind guides! You strain out a gnat but swallow a camel. Matthew 23:24

I know man. Kind of a bummer for those that want to worship in spirit AND in truth. It's not like we can have both now, can we? I mean, anyone who speaks out against something not Biblical is OBVIOUSLY not trying to do the same thing but in accordance to how the Bible lays it out in their own walks.

Also, that same "gnat" was the reason God had about 3000 cut down in one day at the foot of Sinai. Those with good intentions, good desires and all. Nahab and Abihu can give similar testimony to that (Leviticus 10:1).

Just like every other big "movement" that came before it. If it's not Biblical, it will peter our, just like the rest of all of them, no matter how big it gets.

The fact that even the small part of what I saw in the video is promoted proudly on the site is scary. OPEN idolatry, by the very way the Bible defines it. At least I know I'm not the only one troubled by what I saw (not that it would really matter if I was).

 2012/6/20 12:42

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"Pilgrim and Sojourner." - 1 Peter 2:11


I just want to write a footnote to my above post, though I have my mis-givings about events like this, I do believe there are some things for the body of christ too learn from them and this emphasis.

Here is an excellent article by Zac Poonen on Revival:


Counterfeit Revival

Jesus and the apostles repeatedly warned that the last days would be characterized by widespread deception and a multitude of false prophets (Matt.24:3-5,11,24; 1 Tim.4:1) - and we have seen plenty of them in the last few decades.

Why are millions of Christians deceived by these false prophets and these counterfeit "revivals"? And why are so many preachers falling prey to immorality and greed?

Here are what I see to be some of the main causes:

1. Most Christians today are not aware of what the New Testament teaches, because they have not studied it carefully; and so they follow the teachings of their leaders and not the teachings of the New Testament.

2. Miracles (supernatural gifts) have become more important to them than their character (a supernatural life).

3. Material wealth has become more important to them than spiritual wealth.

4. They are unable to distinguish between soulish frenzy or psychological manipulation, and the genuine moving of the Holy Spirit; the cause again is ignorance of the New Testament.

5. They are unable to distinguish between psychosomatic healing (healing that comes by right attitudes of the mind), and supernatural healing in Jesus' Name.

6. Emotional excitement and strange physical manifestations have become more important to them than the inward joy of the Lord.

7. For the leaders, their ministry to people has become more important than their inner walk with God.

8. The approval of men has become more important to these leaders than the approval of God.

9. The number of people attending the meetings has become more important to these leaders than whether those people are totally committed to Christ.

10. Building their personal kingdoms and their financial empires has become more important to these leaders than building a local church and making themselves servants in that local church (Jeremiah 6:13).

All this is the VERY OPPOSITE of what Jesus taught. The opposite of Christ is called the "anti-Christ" in the New Testament. If Christians do not see this clearly, then when the Antichrist turns up on the world's stage, with his false signs and wonders (2 Thess.2:3-10), they too will blindly accept him. To be led by the Spirit of Christ is to have the very opposite spirit to that mentioned in the points above.

Here is a paraphrase of Jesus' words in Matthew 7:13-27 (read in the context of Matthew Chapters 5 to 7):

"Both the gate and the way to ETERNAL LIFE are very narrow - as I have just described (Matt. 5 to 7). But false prophets will come along and tell you that the gate and way are not narrow but easy and broad. Beware of them. You will be able to identify them easily by observing the fruit of their character: Do they live a life free from anger, free from lusting after women, free from the love of money and free from anxiously seeking after material wealth (as worldly people seek)? Do they preach against these things as I have done here? (Matt.5:21-32 and 6:24-34). These false prophets may exercise many supernatural gifts and do miracles and actually heal people in My Name, but I will still send them all to hell in the final day, because they did not know Me (as THE HOLY ONE) and they did not give up sin in their private lives (Matt.7:21-23). So if you want to build a church on a rock that will never shake or fall in time or eternity, be careful to do all that I have just spoken to you (Matt. 5 to 7) and teach your people to do all that I have commanded you too. Then I will be with you always and My authority will always back you (Matt.28:20, 18). But if you only hear what I say and don't do it, then what you build may look like a large and impressive church to men, but it will surely crumble and fall one day (Matt.7:25)."

How then shall we build an unshakeable church in these last days?

1. We must live the sermon on the mount (Matthew 5 to 7) and preach it constantly.

2. We must live in the new-covenant and not in the old-covenant. For this, we must know the difference between the two covenants clearly (2 Cor.3:6). We must also preach the new covenant.

When preachers fall into serious sin today, they justify themselves by (and find their comfort in) the examples of Old Testament saints who also fell into sin. And then they re-commence their ministry after a period of silence. They quote the examples of David who committed adultery, and Elijah who got depressed, and they say "But God still used them"! But they won't quote the example of Paul who lived in victory and purity until the end of his life.

What these preachers (and most Christians) have not seen is that the Old Testament saints are NOT our examples today. We have been given much more in this age of grace - and "to whom more is given, more is required" (Luke 12:48). Jesus is the Mediator of a NEW covenant and HE is our Example and the Author of our faith today - not David or Elijah. The distinction between the Old Testament saints (listed in Hebrews 11) and Jesus, is made very clear in Hebrews 12:1-4. But very few live in the reality of this. Very few have seen that "God has provided something BETTER for us" in the new covenant (Heb.11:40).

Any of us can fall in the way that many preachers have fallen, if we are not watchful and alert - for Satan is a cunning enemy. Our safety lies in obeying New Testament teaching exactly and in submitting to godly leadership. (And by "godly" leadership, I mean those who do not have even one of the wrong values listed in the ten points I mentioned earlier). If we learn from the mistakes of others, we can avoid making the same mistakes ourselves.

So let us keep our faces in the dust before the Lord at all times - for it is there that we will receive Divine revelation, as John did (Rev.1:17). If we humble ourselves, we will receive grace to be overcomers (1 Pet.5:5). And when the Holy Spirit shows us the truth in God's Word and the truth about ourselves, let us be totally honest and "love the truth, so as to be saved" from all sin. That way we will be protected by God Himself from all deception (2 Thess. 2:10,11). Amen.


SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 More than the good cause and the sacrificial life....

I would personally say, "red flags".

"Beware of a little leaven!"....EverstoSama [ concerning a leader worshiping in front of a picture of Jesus.....]

Add to this the list of "Leaders and Teachers" shown at the right of "the CRY " link. Several are known prophetic heretics; wolves. [James Goll for one... ]...and most are connected to the Prophetic/New age/Kundalini Prayer/Prophetic movement.

Not all "prayer" is really prayer, no matter what is said through the lips. I see it as a recruitment effort to bolster the rolls of the movement and associated "ministries", such as the Cry, IHOP, and other youth movements. The young are always zealous and easily swayed to the zealot.

These are very emotional, soulish events, with much stirring romantic music and lyrics about devotion and commitment to God, and are mostly "mission" centered events; Abortion, Homosexual intrusion, etc.

Lou Engle once gathered many young people to parade around Washington DC with bright Red Tape on their mouths, silent and mute, to protest abortion. He sees this as ministry; The royal cause....................

"His oratorical skills are of a high order—indeed mesmerizing, but slightly unusual. His body rocks and pivots backward and forward in a somewhat exaggerated version of Ray Charles at the keyboard as he speaks. Engle’s voice is usually strained by his tireless efforts to mobilize his young prayer warriors, so he speaks mostly in a hoarse voice just above a whisper. Many young people are drawn in by his passion."

"In the face of a crowd chanting “Keep abortion legal” Engle decided they should follow the young man’s dream. In complete silence they stood with red tape that proclaimed “LIFE” over their mouths. “We stood before that court identifying with the silent screams of the unborn, praying and repenting for the bloodshed that’s come from this court case.”....Commonground Christian news

This is what the Cry is about. Maybe good causes, but it is not Christ centered. It is Religiously centered, and thereby dangerous, in my OPINION. It proposes to lead you to God through your devotion and sacrifice, while in effect is delusional. It's works oriented and duty oriented "Sacrifice as Righteous" mentality leads you away from God rather than to Him.

The Roman Catholic monasteries yet perpetuate this fallacy about the "sacrificial life". It is the lie that we are to sacrifice ourselves in devotion to God, and the more sacrificial the better; the more we please Him. These are the "Elijah" devotees, that obtain a deeper endorsement from Him than the common, Earthly believer who does not do.

Engle was an original IHOP founding member at Kansas City, and is a leader there, which is very public about it's Roman Catholic endorsements and practices.

Transcendental Meditation, thinly veiled as "Meditative Prayer", is taught there to discover the Christ within. These events are the bait, as I see it, to legitimize the "movement" as orthodox, and it is not, and if caught up in it, I believe it will cause damage to your faith.

It will be moving and the music excellent, but the spirit of it will lead you wrong. Christ came to set us free, and to be filled with joy; not to legalism and rote as a means of salvation.

 2012/6/20 12:59

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