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 Will America Be Given Another Chance-Erwin Lutzer

 2012/6/19 22:34

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 Re: Will America Be Given Another Chance-Erwin Lutzer

What chance will this be? What's the number now?

God's mercy endureth forever.


 2012/6/19 23:49Profile

 Re: Will America be given another chance? Erwin Lutzer

John do you know what year this was preached. I found the sermon very interesting. Historically, but also Erwin's attitude to the question at the centre of the message. If it were to happen and God did give America another chance in the context of the sermon it would number four. I read recently that their have been ten revivals in the Hebrides in the last 200 years. Sadly though even the Hebrides has embraced political correctness for want of a better word. Erwin makes the point that today circumstances in the Churches as well in the world are not what they were in previous revivals of God. It really makes one wonder if we did find God move again in that precious way of His presence and holiness whether the outcome would be as Erwin said, a real cost as well as a real blessing. I say let it come of God let it come. It would be better to be taken and that God be worshiped and praised in truth and holiness, than what we have now. Lord God let it come!

 2012/6/20 16:25


Well the book by the same name was published in 1993

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One of Erwin Lutzers latest books is " When A Nation Forgets God" Lessons from Nazi Germany. This is a very good book.

 2012/6/20 17:10


For those who do not know Erwin Lutzer is the Pastor of Moody Church

 2012/6/20 21:56

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