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 Richard Wormbrandt's Testimony Before the U S Senate

Could the moderators please bring out of the archives Richard Wormbrand's testimony before the U S Senate. In light of the persecution discussions that thread might be highly informative.

For those not familiar with Richard Wormbrandt. This was a brother who was converted out of a Jewish background. He became a Lutheran pastor. He and his wife Sabina suffered in Rumania under the Nazi and communist regimes.His experiences are detailed in A book entitled Tortured for Christ. The book is an excellent read for anyone interested in persecution issues. Richard Wormbrandt is the founder of Voice of the Martyrs.

I am technically challrnged. Thus I am asking the mods if they could bring up the Wormbrandt testimony.


 2012/6/19 10:25

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 Re: Richard Wormbrandt's Testimony Before the U S Senate

Communism BrainWashing - Richard Wurmbrand

Solitary Confinement

Preserve The Word by Richard Wurmbrand

I am not sure if these are any you are looking for but they are a blessing and challenge to watch.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Richard Wormbrandt's Testimony Before the U S Senate


 2012/6/19 10:43

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 Re: Richard Wormbrandt's Testimony Before the U S Senate

Brother, thank you very much for bringing this up.
I am watching the video posted by Brother Greg.
What a blessing!!!



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They are excellent. Thanks Greg.

 2012/6/19 11:10

 Re: jiG

Ann thanks. Your link took ne to the thread if his testimony.


 2012/6/19 11:13

 Re: Richsrd Wormbrandt Testiminy

I went back and reread Brother Wormbrandt's testimony. I felt a holy hush emanating from the thread. I felt as if I were in the presence of someone who had seen God. Even the post in the thread were respectful and reverent. Thoughtful about what Wormbrandt had suffered
Might I suggest that we visit this thread with thoughtful respect. I believe this will put our persecution discussions in a right frame of mind.

JiG has provided the link a post or two down from this one.


 2012/6/19 13:23

 Re: An jnsight From Wormbrandt

One of the things Wormbrandt mentioned in his testimony was a westerner would not understand. I suppose this was referring to his testimony of persecution. In light of today's church. Do we understand persecution? Particularly here in America? Would Wirmbrandt's statement hold true for us in this forum? Would we understand?


 2012/6/19 13:47

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I was blessed to hear Rev. Wurmbrand preach at our church when I was a teenager. I was incredibly impacted by him and his testimony. Whenever I suffer I can't help but remember him. I have never suffered at the level he did for his faith. I have never been tortured for my faith. I believe that his experience helps me keep mine in a healthy perspective. I think we don't understand persecution at this level. I don't ever hope to.

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