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Abideinhim, you bring up a good subject.

There are two problems in Christianity regarding how people view revival.

1) Those who believe in the power of God through preaching and all the gifts in operation through men and women and

2) Those who do not.

The 'those who do not' are always criticizing any revival if it shows signs and wonders of any kind, especially prophesying or speaking in tongues. They demand that everything be done decently and in order yet they themselves do not have any of these manifestations in their congregations and will not allow anyone to do so.

When there is a revival and these things are happening, your going to get division from this crowd. Nothing is right, or ever right. Nothing positive will ever come from their lips about these revivals. They have no idea that God can even work in the midst of confusion and has many times in the past.

I used to be like that. God shut my mouth when I found out someone had got saved in one of those places that I thought God wasn't in. I saw an instant transformation. As I sat there demanding that everything be done in order and being critical of everything that I saw, God flew past me and showed me that even in the midst of what I thought was not of God, God was working. I saw people getting healed, while I was miserable wallowing in my 'correct' doctrine. Makes me sick just thinking about it.

But that is what we have today AbideinHim these two camps.

 2012/6/23 8:45

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actualy aproved you missed another major group

3 those who believe in the gifts tongs prophecy and the power of god in only a bibilcal scence

in contrass to another group who believe and except anything supanatural and toungs spoken any prophecy any healing

men like cater conlon and david wilkinson would be in the group 3 according to there own words as aposed to any spirit goes anointing

at least 3 camps ,,but one could easly define a forth camp of extremliberlism ,,that even go as far as dening the mirical of a new birth


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AbideinHim asked,

How did we come to the place that we started out thanking God
For a true heaven sent revival and ended up bashing IHOP?


Yikes! The video that was used, and possibly the plan used, were from a group that has spiritual mapping and their own programs and strategies. They had IHOP pray with them in some of their work from one quote. These things concern me.

Notice words like "pray with on some of their work.."

and "possibly the plan used..."


 2012/6/23 9:29

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Brother, you make some real good points, and many historic
revivals have been resisted by some of the well known ministers
throughout church history. Well known theologians such as Chauncy
became a critic of the Great Awakening calling it "enthusiasm."
Even the beloved Andrew Murray, who prayed for revival, tried
To control the outburst of emotion of young people, without success,
when the Spirit of God moved on them.

It is not just the critics of spiritual gifts that are to be blamed,
but there has been much pride among many who embrace the
gifts and manifestations, believing that revival can only come
through our own sect.

There have been revivals that have taken place that were marked
by miracles, signs and wonders, and others have not , but in every
case it was the same Holy Spirit that was poured out in different
manifestations. We need to see the Body of Christ not as "the
Pentecostal Body" or the " Baptist Body", but as one Body that was
bought and paid for by the blood of the Lamb.



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The manifestation of gifts or lack of it, which denomination is being used for the revival, the presence of some zeal that is not in order--these aren't the issues I am concerned about.

I was thinking of passing along to some ministers in town the article about the revival that this thread is about. However, there are unscriptural practices and beliefs in IHOP that lead people into bondage and error. That's why I reacted when I saw their involvement.

I would warn people away from IHOP and the NAR/ Bethel Church/ Toronto Blessing/ MorningStar people. Let the Holy Spirit move through you and your group without allying yourself to these dangerous groups. We've had plenty of revivals that were begun by the Spirit, but the groups involved turned into another human movement, with mixed blessings, or, even worse, that people suffered damage from. I knew a very sincere group that saw conversions and healings and so on, that ended up destroying people's lives because they were in error, and the error continued to grow. It is better to do things God's way all the way, and not settle for a mixture of darkness and light.

That's all I'll say about this.

 2012/6/23 12:48Profile


It goes without saying that anything I have posted about sermons, ministries, revival happenings etc, does not mean that I endorse every aspect and nuance of said sermon or ministry or revival.

Greg Gordon has basically said the same about all of the sermons and techers available on SI.

This site is dedicated to Revival.

So when a seemingly fruitful revival resulting in truly changed lives and communities occur, well it seems natural to share this with the SI forum.

Test all things and hold fast to that which is good!

 2012/6/23 13:30

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Another thread that started out great and ends up with some guy, who knew some guy, that met another guy in an elevator, who said that this person may or may not have been a part of a ministry that we might agree or disagree with.


That article is wonderful, and I have no doubt that the Lord is at work when I hear about pastors and members of the body repenting for building 'a work' that is not HIS work, and more importantly DOING SOMETHING about it!

I love it when someone gets healed to be sure, but there is nothing that I love more than hearing testimonies of people being radically saved and delivered from every wicked thing!

Praise the Lord!

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This is rude, again. You've won--I won't be back on the forum.

May God bless you all, nevertheless.

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Try not to take this so hard. Your concerns may be totaly validated in the final analysis.

I can only refer you to my previous comments on this thread.

In spite of how you may think I am sure we all hope you will continue with the forum and grow with us as we are also growing in wisdom and discernmnet.

I mean that.


 2012/6/23 14:20

 Re: The Hesus Novenrnt

Being the ancient baby boomer I am I remember the Jesus movement. Probably the last significant movement if God's Spirit across this land. People were gloriously converted out if that movement. And yes there were some weird stuff taking place during the Jesus movement. But God was at work in the lives of people back then.

So why the trip down memory lane. Just that in any movement of the Holy Spirit there will be abuses. But lets not discredit what God is doing in that movement. Particularly if people are coming to Christ and the gospel is going forth.

Regarding the International House of Prayer I have visited their prayer room and see heartfelt worship of Christ. Is their music soulish? Perhaps so. Are their areas of concern? No doubt. But show me a ministry that does not have areas of concern. Even Sermon Index.

What I do see in Kansas City are a group of young people that are worshipping Jesus 24 hours of day. Much in the spirit if the old Moravians. Many of these young people are familiar with Ravenhill,
Wesley, Whitfield, etc. Why we debate revival. They pray for it. They also fast for it.

Many of these young adults are willing to go to the nations with the gospel and give their lives for Jesus. J am not going to fault that.

Before we write something off. Let us see what God is doing through it.


 2012/6/23 14:30

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