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Discussion Forum : General Topics : What the LORD is showing me concerning persecution, and sorrows in this day.

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by TMK on 2012/6/19 6:54:45

Bearmaster wrote:

"So why are we debating the reality of believers in Christ being persecuted and dying for Christ?"

Who here is suggesting any such thing? Certainly not me.

I think Mary Jane missed your sarcasm.

TMK I responded to bearmaster because I did not think he was being sarcastic by what he wrote but rather discouraged with the way some have posted in response to the perecution topics. I felt the LORD leading me to encourage him. Some of the post have been less then loving and I thought he was feeling discouraged by this.

bearmaster if I misunderstood your post then please forgive me I did not mean to cause you any harm.

God Bless

 2012/6/19 13:27Profile

 Re: NaryJane

Thank you for your encouragement. No harm done. Appreciate you.


 2012/6/19 13:54

 Re: TMK

Bro there are times I use saurcasm. Not always good. Well never good. My last post was more out of frustration. And granted that is never good.


 2012/6/19 13:57

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Bearmaster wrote:

"Bro there are times I use sarcasm. Not always good."

Haha don't we all.

Hey Appolus-- I don't want to debate about preterism etc. Of course there is a preterist answer to the points you raised and if anyone is interested they can investigate it for themself. I talk about these things with my mom and she gets mad at me and I have already made enough people mad at me here.

My end times views have changed somewhat over the years, but I have discovered that regardless it really doesn't effect what is important; i.e. being in close relationship with the Lord so I will be ready for pre-trib post-trib or no-trib whatever the case may be.

Someone here somewhere said we are given the grace for today. I think this is so true. It is hard for me to imagine today what it would be like to be tortured tomorrow. I am sure people who have have been martyred felt the same way before they were martyred. But God gives grace as it is needed. So I don't want to dwell on what may happen tomorrow, but rather trust the Lord that he will be with me tomorrow, as He promises.

I want to stress that me saying this has nothing to do with the fact that there ARE people being martyred today. And I believe God is giving them the grace to endure to the end today, just as He will for each of us if we seek it.


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 Re: Why not Break

Brothers and sisters. Why nit break and check out Richard Wormbrandt's Amazing testimony. It is on the board. Great blessing.


 2012/6/19 14:21



I did not ask to debate preterism, just that you read Matt 24 in context. So God bless you brother and God bless your mother :)..............bro Frank

 2012/6/19 14:54

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