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 Joseph and Christ Jesus

I was reading through the story of Joseph starting in Genesis 37 and I was shown two aspects of his life and character that spoke so plainly of Christ that it filled my heart with great joy. 

When Jacob gives Jospeh the coat of many colors, it says he loved Joseph above his brothers because he was the child of his old age. When Jospeh is come to rule under Pharaoh, it says he was thirty years old, common knowledge among the saints. It is not until the second year of the famine that he reveals himself to his brother, so Joseph was about 32 at that time. After Jacob and all of his family settle in Goshen, Israel is presented to Pharaoh who inquires of his age. Israel replies that his years are few compared to his forefathers being only 130. Doing the math, that means that Israel was 98 when Joseph was born. Like our Lord, the birth of Joseph could only be possible by the power of God. 

The second thing that makes me excited is the nature of how Joseph tests his brothers when they come to buy grain. It is interesting to observe the exchange and requests. At no point does Joseph accuse his brothers or inquire for the truth of what they did to him. It is interesting that he inquires after Benjamin, the only other son of his mother, to whom his father is tied. When Joseph pushes and pushes for his younger brother to come in spite of the pleas that it will affect his father perversely, it draws out the hearts of his brothers. At the point before he reveals himself to them, he goes so far as to accuse them of stealing his money and goblet by having them  placed in Benjamin's bag. The brothers take an oath that the person who stole the items will die and the other  brothers will become his servants. The breaking point is what is most important because it shows Joseph's heart. When he is to take Benjamin as a slave, the brothers cry out that he can't because it will kill their father. At this point Joseph reveals his identity. Why was he now free to reveal his identity? It is because he saw that his brothers loved their father. When his brothers had thrown him into the well then sold him into slavery, it was because they hated their father for choosing Joseph above them, just as God chose Abraham, Jacob and even as Epheriam, the second born was blessed above Manassah. Even when he reveals himself, he does not rebuke them though they never admitted their sin against him, he glories in God's provision for his father family through the suffering he faced. When you read through the Gospels it is clear that all our Lord did on this earth was for the Father's glory and that we might come to worship Him as our God. 

It's so beautiful, it gives me shivers. Blessings on you all.

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 Re: Joseph and Christ Jesus

When you read through the Gospels it is clear that all our Lord did on this earth was for the Father's glory and that we might come to worship Him as our God.

Precious words Brother.

Jesus said, "Now that you know the Father"

The disciples said "Show us the Father that we might believe"

Jesus said "Have you not understood yet? When you see Me you see the Father".

Jesus came to reveal the Father. Amen.

 2012/6/17 17:50

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