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EverestoSama is right-on target.

John 5:43 I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name,
him ye will receive.

Yes, every word he's posted on this previous page is right on the money.

The problem with the AC claiming the seat and lineage of David is that he'll actually be of the synagoge of Satan Rev 2:9.
There's an entire bloodline that have claimed the lineage of David that are sitting in most seats of global power.

Just because my father's mother that raised me was a true Jew and that makes me one - that gives me zero advantage over non-Jews. I as well as she, needed to be "grafted in" to the true Olive tree.

It was very strange to me, that when I first got saved-saved, and was so wet behind the ears as a baby in Christ, that The LORD spoke VERY loud to me directly Rev 2:9 & 3:9. That was over 36 yrs ago, and to this day I still shake when I hear those verses. You guys don't know me but if you met me, you'd see how unlikely of a candidate I'd be to "fight" anyone. I sound and present as a very timid person and to think that He would say to such a mess as I that I would go head-on with the-powers-that-be in those verses - well - yes, that could tend to make the flesh shake - but the spirit is willing - to the death.

Grant, is there any way that you could possibly post what you'd email folks - because I don't have access to emails with my computer and can barely get to using Dad's.

BTW - did you get that storm that was headed your way? We were praying it would fizzle out.


Oh, side note - I also canceled my cellphone - so I have no way to call long-distance but if anyone wants my landline # - Maybe one of the sisters could email it to you. It's the phone # that starts with an 8.

 2012/6/18 14:10


Adding: I don't know if this is very well known, but those that claim the lineage or seat of David are not all Jews - but to those that are of the synagogue of Satan - it doesn't matter to them if the main powers-that-be call themselves Jews or practice Judiasm - but just that they 'claim' that their lineage goes back to David's throne.
'The bloodline' is all that matters to this power elite - though the bloodline can be considered counterfeit.

Ma Ma Mia - talk about "weird" - now those occultists are the 'weird' folks -- not the Sheep posting on here.

 2012/6/18 14:28

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