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Staff - Who slandered someone else? Did I miss something? Are you directing that to me? Not agreeing with someone assertions, when they are not Biblical, & showing them the scriptures is not slander. "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another." If every thought of correctively teaching what the Bible says is somehow considered "slander", then what's the point of the forum thread discussion? If an error in declaring something as Biblical is "public", so then should be the corrective teaching from the Word of God, in love. If not, error just lies out there publicly, on the Internet for all to see, & many to misunderstand God's Word on a matter, while a man's point of view on a matter gets a complicit ability to stand unchallenged? Maybe I missed something? This is all said/done in love so that God's Word/Truth is shown to light the way for the young/weak in faith, & to help steer the Body back onto the path pressing forward towards the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.
If you've ever read/seen Pilgrim's Progress, too many of us are willing to get do close to the celestial city (the kingdom of heaven) & lie on the enchanted ground. It's deceptive. It's very hard to get back up once you lay down. We are "drugged" by our own culture, entertainment, & a "Gospel" of ease. Or, like the last poor soul who goes the path his own way, without having entered through the gate, & without a certificate, we end up at the gates of the kingdom only to be called a thief and a robber, not having entrance and being cast asunder.
My heart is not to slander, to argue, or to prove I'm right in prideful stubborn arrogance. My heart is to preach the truth and share the Word of God with those who stop short of the Gospel of the Kingdom God outlines in His Word! If a public statement on a public forum thread is above correction, above Biblical comparison, above scrutiny (even "the spirits of the prophets are subjects to the prophets,,,,let the prophets discern the prophecy,,,"), then it should never be stated publicly on the first place. If I can tell everyone what I think, how I see it, etc. & no one can just reply and show me what the Word of God says, I can be trying to protect my own self, rather than wanting to get down to what's noble, & true, & pure, as outlined only in God's Word, not man's opinions.
In Christ's Love,

 2012/6/19 9:17


Also, Slander by definition has as its intent to defame, to make others look bad, etc. to disagree is not to slander. I found an article on the net on the Biblical definition of slander. It talks of gossip, tale bearing, seeking to defame ones character intentionally to make oneself look better, etc. just look at the beginning portion of the PDF which outlines the Bible's definition of Slander and tell me who did any of that and where. Please be specific and use the Biblical texts as proof so we can all see/understand what Biblical Slander is/isn't. God Bless

 2012/6/19 9:27

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Wow, jeffmar, bless you brother! I do love your zeal for God! I really enjoy your writings and very much agree with them, even though you missed your observation of me by a country mile. Wow! First time in my life that I have ever been accused of being a “Cessationist “.

I went back to my post to see what I said that spurred such a sharp post from you on what I believe. If you will notice I did not mention the whole bible, I only mentioned the book of Acts. I never said that there weren’t any true prophets like those in the beginning of the church, but that there is not many. And brother I’m sorry that I didn’t explain the post better, that lead you to believe otherwise.

BTY brother Jeff, it is way too late for me to be a “Cessationist”. I do realize that I still have a lot to learn and I have no ill will toward you in any way but only pray that you will do even greater works for the glory of God.

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Hi Jeffmar,
No I was not directing that at you,Thanks for asking
Yours Staff

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