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 Please keep the Kenaston's in prayer

Below is the most recent update from Jackie Kenaston - Please keep Brother Denny and his family in prayer.

Heading south!

Written 9 hours ago by Jackie Kenaston

Dear ones..............sooooo much to write, but sooo little time!! Please bear with me in my brevity as I offer only a short explanation for the present situation.

SOUTH?!!? Yes, SOUTH! After much careful and prayerful consideration (not to mention the thousands of dollars spent for tickets, gas, lost work, travel, inconveniencing of "ousting others from their beds and homes", and receiving soooo much help from the church body here...we as a family realized that we need to make other arrangements for long term care in our situation.

The consensus was to relocate to S.C. where we can be physically closer to FIVE of our eight children, and where there is already a TOTALLY EMPTY house 2 miles from Andrew & Elizabeth that even has a seperate guest quarters for extra care givers to stay in

So, to say the least we have been scrambling to try to use an available slot for the largest work force possible, ALL eight being able to be involved on one end or the other or both! And scramble we did! In between the property, rental house and storage we've gathered enough belongings to set up housekeeping for a bit down south.

The hospice nurse was here again today, the doctor has okayed our plans, so we are making a major directional shift big time.

We have NO IDEA how things will yet go physically for Denny, we have moments when he seems to be failing, yet the nurse assured us that he has no imminent signs of "death", he is strong in body, even when showing way more confusion at times. It seems the best time to make this move, we had looked at the possibility weeks ago, and now seems to be the time.

The ministry is here to talk, so I must run, and want to get this posted, please pray for safety as we travel, for all of the adjustments, etc. You can imagine this is a HUGE manuever!!! AN angel flight was not possible because he needs assistance to get into their volunteer planes,, so driving was the next best option.



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 Re: Please keep the Kenaston's in prayer

Praying! Nothing is impossible with God!


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Do pray for this blessed family and brother.

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