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 i, neil need you to pray.

forgive me for putting my name in the header line, but i've never asked for prayers on this forum, reason being my little life needs pale into comparison, to what ought to be prayed for.

i'm about to drive the 259 miles down to Chicago, i got a call at 0730 from mother, who would kill me if she knew i EVEN POSTED a prayer request. she's in her mid 70's, God love her, not that wise, because she's been sitting on the news that for the last four days, she's been stricken with a fever after a bite mark. she sat on that news, coz she knew i would give her an ORDER to immediately repair to the hospital, and that would be a big dust up.

but this morning it got so bad, she had to call. i called her doctor, her best friend, and her blood work had JUST come back, that God forbid she might have gone septic, white blood cell count in the 25k area with high 'bands', immature. the reason i know all this, in July 2008, i almost went to be with Jesus, coz i got strep septicimia, and was given a 50/50 chance. tell ya that story, but it was glorious, coz i was happy!!! Walk to death's door, and if you feel no "fear", you walk with Jesus Messiah.

my mother doesnt, and she's full of fear, so please saints, pray for this dear woman, pray that God the Holy Ghost speaks to her soul, becoz i, her Jewish son, who follows Jesus, if i do a straight up the middle, i formation, will not work, i'm not telling you the WHOLE story, but believe me in Christ, i'm not lacking spine or being wishy washy, but there's going to be about a dozen demons perched in that room, UNLESS ya'll pray them away....i'm going to lay hands on her, just holding her, holding her hands in the Holy Spirit, praying in the Holy Spirit, but if led, give me some covering in Messiah, would you?........i'm leaving in a few minutes, and in my soul, i know that i know, that God will get the Glory! Praise the Name of Jesus, i'm believing in miracles, i will report back.

i just cant do it alone, God bless you all in Jesus' Name, neil

 2012/6/12 12:58

 Re: i, neil need you to pray.

You know I'm praying for her and the whole situation.


 2012/6/12 13:01


Oh Neil, this is heart wrenching. Will be praying and praying. Read Isaiah 53 as much as you can and if possible - ask her if you can read it to her.

GOD go with you!

 2012/6/12 13:05

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My prayers for your mom go with you Neil. That is what we are here for to carry one another burdens.

God bless and be safe

 2012/6/12 13:07Profile

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Brother, it's my great pleasure to pray for your situation.

Please, never feel like it's a big deal to ask me to do so! Prayed and will keep on praying :-)

Much love!

 2012/6/12 13:20Profile

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Praying and contending.

Give the demons no rest my brother.


 2012/6/12 13:59Profile

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Celina, Texas

 Re: i, neil need you to pray.

All in. Keep us posted if possible. God strengthen you my brother.

 2012/6/12 14:07Profile


Neil will gladly pray for you and your mother.


 2012/6/12 14:14

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Just saw this.....praying FERVENTLY...

 2012/6/12 14:40Profile

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God bless you, Neil...praying your mother will come to know the Messiah...Sandra

Sandra Miller

 2012/6/12 14:52Profile

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