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I have been praying, Elizabeth....I am SO SORRY!!!

 2012/6/10 18:36Profile

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Thank you Approved,

I really appreciate you all, and the prayers that have went forth from you,
for this / the family, yes it was quite a week,last week for all,most especially the immediate one's.

I heard one's say,that this couple had changed recently,..and I was thinking on that today....about the man when he was on the cross beside Jesus,.he made a change,and he was took / died that day,..the Lord saved him....

Maybe the Lord would take someone that He saved, right away,and they would not have a chance to turn back again,...into sin....I don't know.

But I hope.

I know it is a risky thing to wait.

As for my husband,..he seems to hold up pretty well under the circumstances.

Approved, this was my thoughts,today,before you even asked,
I hope it does not sound to pertenant or not proper.


 2012/6/10 21:11Profile

Joined: 2011/8/14
Posts: 1081


Thank you mama27,

For your caring and prayers.

The Lord bless you,


 2012/6/10 21:14Profile


Elizabeth God comfort you and your husband in this tragedy. You are in my prayers.


 2012/6/10 21:30

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