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 Gossip or Truth. What is the difference!

Francis Frangipane falls into that class of brethren who have made a “new” teaching on and around the subject of God’s power as seen through the lives of those who have a testimony in Scripture; both as men with God’s anointing, authority and power to serve God. The same “new” teaching has another parallel thread which spends time focusing on those who have a different kind of testimony in Scriptures, men who although they were chosen men, were singularly capable of making ruin of that choosing of God and became in the end a bye word of “hissing” or a fearful example of wickedness.

One of Satan’s tactics with every servant of God, who has a real God given desire to serve God faithfully, is to draw attention to these wicked men. Men such as Judas are ripe for this treatment. What would it be like to have zeal for God, but because of inexperience as well as insufficient knowledge, to discover yourself in some sin or other and to feel the misery that would bring on your heart and mind? It’s a perfect opportunity to whisper in your ear, “You are like Judas”. The pain of hearing this lie would if unchecked lead you to believe that you may be like Judas. In an instant you would be thrown into a fearful mind of confusion and would become incapable of serving God as God would have you to serve Him, which is by trusting God Himself.

I have no doubt that Judas would have been a slanderer. Perhaps it would be right to say that given the amount of time he spent with Jesus and the things he saw, he would have had plenty of things to slander about. Yet the single characteristic which is identified as being of Judas was the love of money. There is no need to make a “new” teaching at all. The teaching which comes by Scriptures is completely full and sufficient to set any matter straight if we would just read the Scriptures. We don’t have to interpret them ourselves we have been given the Holy Spirit to lead us into all Truth.

Judas was a thief and this is despite everything he witnessed. Whereas Peter and all the other disciples threw down their means of making a living without a single thought to the contrary; Judas remained a thief. To persist in this attitude in the face of everything he witnessed, Judas pressed himself as far as it was possible to do so in his own strength of mind. It is the same mind of determination which is equal to the mind of a demon given over to wickedness. In Judas case he went one stage further but only after Satan entered into him at the supper table of the Lord, and thus Judas was able to betray Jesus unto death. Once Satan released Judas to his own strength once again Judas himself realised the full measure of what he had done and fearfully took his own life.

It is written that he went unto his own place.

Gossip is destructive and if we persist in it to the point of becoming demonic in our attitudes then it will serve to destroy others. Not only will it harm others who hear it, but it will make the speaker unclean. “It is not that which goes into a man which makes unclean. But that which comes out of a man.” This is the only Scriptural context for interpreting why we should not hold company with a gossip; because it makes them unclean Willful destructive speech doesn't make the hearer unclean; but it may in the end destroy them.

On the other hand if we speak what we really mean without hypocrisy we may find that someone will be benefitted from our speech. If we are wrong in what we say in this attitude we will find that God will restore us and show us our error. Positive or negative outcomes or consequences speaks of demonic understanding; as it is entirely focused on power and has little to do with how we should really think or speak. God works effects in this way and He alone has the authority to do so. In the world of real wickedness this is very well understood. In fact its strength depends on understanding it. It is a counterfeit of God's own activity.

 2012/6/9 14:40

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