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 what do you think of this questions?

Over the last twenty four hours in your life how did your relationship with Jesus impact your life?

Ok so as a christian who says that they love the Lord does this question seem attacking or judging to you?


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 Re: what do you think of this questions?

No, this question is not "judgmental." But it may be a "judgement," in the sense that it takes a "test" as it were. One reason it could be perceived as judgmental would be by someone whose first love has been left, or whose love has grown cold. In such a state one would respond to your question as being judgmental because they would not want to be asked that, as it would reveal the "coldness."

I am only speaking from the abundance of my own heart...

Jeremiah Dusenberry

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 Re: what do you think of this questions?

Over the last twenty four hours in your life how did your relationship with Jesus impact your life?

It was pretty amazing how He responded using our minds and mouths. Mom and I were going to the park that was further out from the city to walk the trails, as we were on route, I felt we should not, so we didn't go. My Mother had heard the phone ring in the car but was not able to get to it in time, so she wondered who that might be. She was concerned about her daughter who is doing cold turkey from alcohol. So wondering about her she thought she'd better make her way to her place and she also thought she was calling to have the kids picked up from school. As we were making our way there, we saw an ambulance drive past us going in that direction and we both wondered. We then got a call from her that she was in the ambulance and said for us to pick up the kids. She was trying to dry up from years of alcohol abuse and she is not well at all, in desperation she went to the liquor store and ended up collapsing at the front door.

To us this was God. This happened within the last 24 hours.

As a Christian who says that they love the Lord, does this question seem attacking or judging to you?


Of course it could be said in a snooty prideful way and come off as one who is a cut above the rest. If you've ever talked to someone who is filled with religious airs about your frustrations with God and you may even feel disgusted about His ways (which is always fleeting and means nothing), you might get this response, "Well, I love the Lord and I NEVER think that way of Him". That would be considered an attack. Everyone gets frustrated with God at some point in their lives.

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I think it's a great question. Actually it might be one I ask myself everyday from now on.

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very good question rdg!

This is one of those questions that we should be considering over and over again to see what our relationship with the Lord is bringing to fruition.

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Very good question!

So many people "turn to God" because they aren't already steadfastly positioned and focused upon Him. For many, the Lord is a "last resort" or some varying level of "resort" when things go wrong.

God should be our FIRST response. We should be focused upon Him when things go right, wrong and everything in-between. He should be the refuge that we run to in order to get away from all of the voices and distractions in this world.

Thank you for the timely reminder, Rainy!


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While not a bad question to consider, may I suggest that we should rather ask ourselves:

In the last 24hrs how has my releationship with Jesus impacted OTHERS?

I just finished listening to the audio version of George Mueller's life and that was the one thing that struck me the most(among others): He lived his life entirely for the benefit of others in the service of the Lord. Our culture is so ME-centred that even Christian's forget that it's not about us, and the work of the kingdom doesn't get done.

So that would probably be my answer to the question you asked, and no, it doesn't feel judgmental to me.

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 Re: what do you think of this questions?

According to me it is not about having relationship with Jesus in past 24 hours, it is about having relationship with him between every breath I take. It is a continuous relationship, hearing him, praying to him and rejoicing in him.
John 13-23:-
There was reclining on Jesus’ bosom one of His disciples, whom Jesus loved.

John has this faith that Jesus loved him the most, so he was always fellowshiping with Jesus, resting on him with full confidence.

I keep praying to him about my weakness to deliver me from them. I want to live a life completly resting in him for every single thing.


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