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 How long has it been????

Dearly beloved in Christ,
It's been a long time since I was in the United States Air Force. A long time. (sigh) I have no idea why something that happened so long ago would suddenly pop into my mind this week. But it did. Let me share it with you.
Now please remember, this was "before Christ". I was lost as lost could be. Ok?
This buddy of mine showed me a letter to his parents. This is the entire letter from memory:
Dear mom and dad,
Send money.



To make it even more pathetic, he had put an "X" over the word love. He actually mailed it.

His father was a doctor in a small town in upstate New York. I can't remember if they actually sent him money or not. But we all thought it was hilarious at the time. This guy had a huge reputation for being out of step with the norm. So the letter just added to his legacy, which at the time we thought was very cool.

As I remembered the event in my mind this week, I felt really sick inside. How lost I was. How wonderful grace is. Then I began to think of the "letters" we often send to our heavenly Father. I can certainly think of some in my own life, that are just as short and too the point as the letter Stu sent to his parents. Suddenly, sick inside turned to nausea, fear, and trembling.
How often we (I know I do this) just go to God with our brief request. There are no terms of endearment. No respect. No honor. Just "Father, I'm really in a pinch with my bank account, and I need you to bail me out. Thanks, Lahry".

You know, the bible teaches that we are to be anxious for nothing. It says His eye is on the sparrow, and certainly it watches over us. God gave manna to Israel in the desert. What is to stop Him from taking care of us? Nothing. Is anything too hard for our God? Nothing. Being anxious is rooted in unbelief, beloved. Yet, we take up all of our "brief" time with Him in petty requests for provision for our bellies. Is it any wonder, we question why some of our "prayers" don't get answered in the fashion we would like? I think not.

I also thought of how Stu's parents must have felt, when they recieved that letter from their son. My, my. "Is that all he cares about us for is money?" I wonder how our Father feels when we go to Him with our "crumb" request. No worship. No praise. No love. Just "dear God, send money, thanks".

Jesus said that life is much more than rament. So is God's will for our lives. So I guess there is only one appropriate response to this letter, if it applies to you like it does me........repent. How long has it been since we just sat down with Him, and basked in His wonderous presence?

Someone said this week, that God made man after His own image, and that man has been trying to return the favor ever since. Don't ask God to yeild to us. Rather, lose your life that you may keep it.

Please don't let our relationship with God be about provision only. Please?

In Christ,


 2005/2/9 18:20

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