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 The Charismatic movement; God's blessing and gifts without Repentance.

In the mid 1960's, a strange phenomena swept the World. Roman Catholics began to speak in tongues. Large extra-church meetings were charged with sweeping worship in other tongues. It seemed pervasive, and in America, it took hold from coast to coast.

The "Charismatic" revival was born. Charismatic simply means "Gifts of Grace", and speaking in other tongues is one of them. Out of this movement the great TV ministries were born; TBN,and CBN the foremost, publicizing in real time this exciting force.

Everyone was accepted, and this was the first time in church History that EXPERIENCE was the fulcrum of orthodox acceptance. EXPERIENCE TRUMPED HOLY DOCTRINE. If you spoke with other tongues, you were accepted into the brotherhood of Christ Jesus. The Pentecostal churches had backed themselves into a corner by proclaiming that Speaking in tongues was THE sign that you were of the one and only true gospel, and could not backtrack; Everyone was "IN" who did.

One Pentecostal leader, quipped; "What the Church held sacred for 1900 years, HOLY DOCTRINE, was annihilated in one generation, by the Charismatic Ecumenical Renewal!"; which is generally simply understood as The Charismatic Movement.

Ecumenical means that all religions lead to the same God; Allah is Jehovah is Buddha is Hindu is Mormon; Rick Warren's gospel. There are some in Roman Catholic bondage who did "Come out of Her!", and clung to the Word, as Luther and company....but many, many did not, and ideologically accepted never-the-less as as a valid arm of the holy Church of Christ.

I remember the outrage I felt as Pat Robertson of CBN went on and on Eulogizing Pope John Paul as A "great and awesome man of God!" I wanted to vomit. Today, I see the devil's foot prints following this attack, everywhere. The venerable Billy Graham covenant with the Vatican to stream in Catholic converts in his vast World-wide harvest BACK to Rome...and he did.

The same with Youth with a Mission, and Campus Crusade for Christ, and other large "mission based" movements. These are not churches, as the bible defines them. They are "movements", and the holy doctrines and mandates outlined in the Gospel of the Apostles is either taken or not, willy nilly, according to it's benefit for the organization, and strategies for their own perceived prosperity.

Also, from here, the "Prosperity Doctrine" took hold, and the teachings of Kenyon , a New age philosopher were embraced. Kenyon believed that man could and should control his own destiny, and learn to succeed by speaking his own dominion; pure Transcendental witchcraft, but adapted by so many....and THE WORD OF FAITH heresies were formed. These were highly touted on the TV Charades of TBN...and the false prophetic teachers arose, like Copeland; [a student of Kenneth Hagin ].

Hagin says:

Many Word of Faith teachers have sought to emphasize the full meaning of the believer's status as a child of God (through Christ) by using phrases such as "little gods" to describe them, a practice that has garnered some criticism from some other segments of the Christian community.

Kenneth Hagin wrote that God "made us in the same class of being that he is himself," and that the believer is "called Christ" because "that's who we are, we're Christ!"

According to Hagin, by being "born again", the believer becomes "as much an incarnation as Jesus of Nazareth". Hagin like Kenyon reasons that that humans are made in God’s image. Since God is spirit, then humans must essentially be spirit as well and ‘in God’s class’, and thereby ‘gods’.

Kenneth Copeland says Adam was "not a little like God ... not almost like God ...", and has told believers that "You don't have a God in you. You are one." ..".Wiki.."

This attack has cost possibly tens of millions their souls, and yet today does it reap. The prophetic movement, a gaggle of liars, the Apostles [ NAR ] and just plain old money grubbing liars have emerged to clean up, providing sensationalism and the Experience of the exciting experiences of THE GIFTS OF GRACE. [ yet they are still real....these are counterfeit.]

It is a gospel without a Cross, without transformation to the living image of Christ; Happiness and Prosperity fueled by pride and the best life now with a successful purpose.

God's way is different. It is welded to the Scriptures and which is obtained one and one way only. Repenting of our satanic way, dying to it by obedience to Him, and following the Lamb where-ever He leads us individually in Love.

This is Biblically mandated and enforced , if you will, by a unprofessional plural staff of shepherds within a local church setting; not a movement that may deny the Bible or choose it's own agenda...whichever is most advantageous for them.

Follow the Lamb who agrees with His Word. This is the safe anchor to our soul.....Tom

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 Re: The charismatic movement; Roman Catholic Revival w/out Repentance from Satanic do

hi, as i was there at the start in new orleans at loyola, i would have to disagree somewhat to that statement. the greatest emphasis was on Jesus and fath and grace. one day of renewal with a large crowd a nun came in and had just been to rome and said that she had a relic that she was going to pass around(rosary). after a hour she asked where her relic was and a nun involved in the movement said is this it ?i did not know what it was. the priest in charge said i know there is no way to the Father but through Jesus but that is a rosary if you have forgot.the preaching was biblical and the worship was wonderful with a strong visitation from the Lord. very little talk about the fact the religeous church people hated it.many were saved and filled with the Holy Spirit. a druggy son of a lay leader was walking home from a meeting and the street light swere out on magazine st.he was shaken by the meeting and ask God to shed some light on what he should do and the street light above him came on as he went to his knees to commit his life to Jesus.not many stayed in the church and these people filled the ag churches all the way up to swaggarts in baton rouge.jimp

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 Re: The Charismatic movement; God's blessing and gifts without Repentance.

This thread has changed since jimp replied, as there was nothing to reply to. Or was it my computer?

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hi, i do agree that many zany people and doctrines came out of charismania. if you do the math, with millions around the world receiving Christ as a reality in their lives and the Holy Spirit with no real leadership( if i was a leader, there was no real leadership)with one out of ten people being very strange. but there were great churches formed around the country in the middle of this craziness.many wonderful miracles happened and many were saved. i think that the problem lied in the pentacostal churches that thewe people ended up going to. as a baptist in new orleans i tried a couple of churches, mostly ag.. the "best" had a pastor that they put a robe on when he finished preaching and he left through the back door like a rock star. i quit my job and moved to baton rouge to a small churc called a mega church.jimp

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 Re: The Charismatic movement; God's blessing and gifts without Repentance.

agree with you , BrotherTom, and it is still the same today in the pentecostal arena; its all show and no Word, all flash and no doctrine....

 2012/5/30 20:50

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hi,please stop the criticism of all the pentacostal churches. you have not been in 1% of them and know little or nothing about what is going on around the world.millions of africans, chinese,central and south americans,cubans arecoming to know Jesus because of the zeal of the Holy Spirit and His len ravenhill would say, go into the woods and don't come back until you are filled with the Spirit with all that comes with it.the church i attend has started more than 10000 churches in the last ten years. we also have gal.220 meetings all over our city with over 7000 students attending (from middle school through col.)we preach Jesus and personal responsibility unto holiness.jimp

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well said jimp.

Those doing all the criticizing must have a very, very limited sample group. The guys I affiliate with that are pentecostal and/or charismatics are preaching the cross, repentance, and holiness. They are seeing many salvations on a weekly basis. People being filled with the Spirit consistently and boldly taking their place of ministry in the body.

Good leadership that is honoring God and leading others by example to Him.

If you are not seeing this then perhaps you might look elsewhere.

Jim, The Len Ravenhill quote is so true! What a great encouragement he was and still is trough his writings!


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 Re: The Leaven that has been injected and "the Great Falling Away."

"hi,please stop the criticism of all the pentacostal churches. you have not been in 1% of them and know little or nothing about what is going on around the world.

"millions of africans, chinese,central and south americans,cubans arecoming to know Jesus because of the zeal of the Holy Spirit and His len ravenhill would say, go into the woods and don't come back until you are filled with the Spirit with all that comes with it."jimp________________________________________________

This Thread is posted on the "Revivals and church History Section, if you will notice. It refers to events that changed the face of Christianity that began about 60 years ago, that planted the seeds of much, much error and deception.

It is as though in the midst of a true Revival that also began around that time, the devil was at work too, as I have submitted and outlined in my base thread. "The Charismatic movement; God's blessing and gifts without Repentance" is the title of this thread.

I am a little dumbfounded on "how" you made the leap from this path, of my original idea, to... "stop the criticism of all the Pentecostal churches. you have not been in 1% of them and know little or nothing about what is going on around the world." did not read it, or you could not understand it.

I am a Spirit filled brother, and speak in tongues in my intercession life and worship life [ secretly I hope ] as continually as possible. I have not been in 1% of the churches around the Earth, not, 10,000th of 1% probably, but I have offered my meager and weak service preaching Christ Crucified where He has never been heard in power.

I have travelled to China, India,Israel to minister and am on my way to Africa; I have seen those saved who formerly did not believe, repent and believe, and filled with the Holy Spirit with the laying on of my hands. I have seen the demon possessed delivered, and filled with the Holy Spirit and speak in sweet tongues of praise and dance with joy upon deliverance.

I guess I am Pentecostal,but I prefer "Christian", as I fellowship all, without prejudice, regardless of denomination or "movement." I love the church, and all who have been saved and as the thief on the Cross, believe upon His Name. They are mine, and I am theirs.

I am very happy that Christ is being glorified in your city and in your fellowship; it sounds wonderful.

I simply and pointing out that SOME have embraced a gospel that is NOT based upon Repentance and Faith towards God, but teach that knowing God is about our personal prosperity and happy well being, and that we can create this "blessed" destiny by our own abilities. This is a lie, and will carry you to Hell, not Heaven.

It is far beyond classic Pentecostalism; It has spread throughout the Earth into every stream of true Christianity, and has been a major part to set the foundation of "The Great Falling Away" in these last days. It is terrifying to me, and sobers me greatly when I see the subtlety of it; the Leaven of the Myst that speaks of God as if we could use Him to exalt ourselves. It is evil.

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 Re: Pentecost v. Charismatic

There may be a faulty assumption. The Charismatic Movement was not established in tongues as initial evidence. That would be classic Pentecostal teaching. The early Charismatic leaders tended to rather reject the doctrine of initial evidence although they accepted tongues as a gift. Men like Dennis Bennett innovated further by expressing the baptism as a "release" of the Holy Spirit; a teaching that many (especially Catholics) bought into. It is this stream that seems to have born questionable fruit. But this was never true Pentecostal teaching. A good example of the gold standard of Pentecostal doctrine can be found in the articles written by William Durham in his Pentecostal Testimony (1910-1913) available on the web.

Daniel Irving

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 Re: The Leaven that has been injected and "the Great Falling Away."

Hi! Brothertom
This Post has been EDITED/DELETED by originator with my apologies.

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