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 the preparation,is the separation

im posting this regaring the prophecy ,in my last topic ,,a season of seperation

brothers i recieved that word wile iwas in the middle of
typing the first part of my exortation

im no prophert ,thats for sure ,and do not wish to be due to fear of the responsability

but i feel this was a prophecy

i typed as the words came from my heart into my mind ,

i relise there are mistakes in it ,because it is a falable prophecy ,unlike scripture

i dont have a full interpratation of what it means

but a section of the prophecy that i focased on , ifeel god may have givern me an undestanding

due to the fact that there are many carasmatics on this fourm ,i was expecting some responce ,,even negative

but i see no spiriual gifted brother has botherd to say anything ,,,which i find strange

the part im focaced on is the part about the rain ,and the tress,and the fruit and the barns
and the narrow creek or tributary

to start with this is not speaking about a regular revivle an awakening in the useaul scence

it more of a blessing of the spiritual presence upon some christan on sermon index and some others else where ,,like some of those loved ones we are close to

he stands at the door and knocks
if any one hears is voice ,open the door and i will come into him and dine with him,and he with me

god has herd our prayers for a personal revivle that some of have been praying for many years for,a strong anointing of his spirit ,,,he has let me know this ,he will answer our prayers ,,,,but there is a field in our heart that need to be plowed, first ,and trencehs need to be dug through the field that run to the tribuatary ,the ground need to be broken up ,,to save me typing more then i need ,that other exortation in the general topics ,,called the greatest question,,touches on what needs to be done to help get through the fallow ground

back to the prophecy

it will be a rich potent move of gods spirit in some certatint indaviduals ,that hear what the sprit is saying to church

certaint ones will be impowerd and givern great faith ,,and there gifts will begin and return to baring fruit ,,,the time of apostacy is here ,and those who are freshly anointed with this move of gods spirit ,,will minister a true spritual power and witness to certaint other members of the body of christ ,,this wont be a noticable thing in christiandom ,,it will be more of a hidden renewal amongts certaint christan ,,,

the dry season is soon when the apostacy seems to be extreamly strong ,like never before ,,,and this hidden move of the spirit will feed ,and prepare the certaint other indaviduals ,and shelter thm from the seducing spirits ,and doctrines of demons

im asuming ,that this is talking about america,and maby australia ,,im not sure about ,,this is only my interprataion

then theses certain other christan ,,will be caught up with the spirit of prayer and suplacation ,,and begine to pray for a revele ,and i asume an awakening ,,they will ask and it will be givern

this will produce a different fruit from the last four

i dont know what the last four means

and im not sure what a different haverst is either

it may be that that harvest will be a another type of great awkening ,and some power full propherts will arise out of that harvest ,,im not at all certaint

blessings brethern

 2012/5/26 23:50Profile

 Re: the preparation,is the separation

it may be that that harvest will be a another type of great awkening ,and some power full propherts will arise out of that harvest ,,im not at all certaint

Brother Gary could you nudge your last post so that I can find it. I really do bear witness in the spirit and what little substance I can glean from your post this time. Be encouraged and don't hold back. Let the Lord speak to you and be used. As you say coming out of the heart to the mind. This is prophetic and it takes courage to say it.

 2012/5/27 11:35

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thanks for your response armkelly ,,ill bump it up

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 Re: Preparation is separation!

As I am able to understand the prophecy Brother in brief you have shared that their will be a few, who unseen to the many, will prepare themselves (a type of harvest), but that from this few God will use the fruit which he has worked in them, to reap a greater harvest, which will be a least in part characterised by an increase in the visibility and recognition of the prophetic ministry. Strong prophets. Is is accurate or have I misunderstood it?


 2012/5/27 15:35

 Re: Preparation is separation!

Brother Gary. Please find an exposition of your prophecy as I have been led to present it. Needless to say you must test this and decide whether to reject it or receive it as an accurate measure of what you have spoken. It has been a real blessing to me. Such a blessing. Thank you.

Part prophetic interpretation.

Initial features

Rain, Trees, Fruit, barns tributary or stream.



The prayers of those who have been praying for God to move in revival of the saints and the salvation of sinners over many years.

1st Effect

An awareness of God’s presence in the spirit (holiness and obedience). The awareness will come to a few on Sermon Index and a few others who are related to them in love. Close family members who also believe.


This awareness will be characterised by a desire to be dressed in readiness. To respond to the Lord knocking at the door of the hearts of these few.

Method of being both prepared personally (obedience)

Being prepared as instruments in God’s latter works. The field of the heart must be ploughed according to God’s pattern. This is a general ploughing to an end of making furrows which flow down to the tributary or stream. (The channels of true spiritual vitality. Deep and Certain. Feeding God’s purposes through obedience and a willingness to suffer through being prepared.

2nd Effect

Certain individuals will begin to once again bear fruit. 1st and 2nd effect equals “certain individuals” (though their functions will be different). The first “few” will be intercessors for men” before God. The second will be the beginning of a witness before men (saints).

Spiritual Atmosphere

Increasing apostasy and an unwillingness on the part of saints to serve God generally

3rd Effect

The “certain Individuals” of the 2nd effect will be the increasing of the witness of the 2nd effect comprehended by the manifest power of God. (Speech and increasing Speech & Visible Authority within this small group of saints). This being to a still “invisible” but broader number of saints. These broader number of saints are the 3rd effect. God’s purposes in this are still not comprehended by many. Only those who are labouring in obedience according to their part given and received according to the obedience of the Ploughed Field of Preparation.


SOON. A sense of the thief in the night. Always an attitude of SOON. (Continued Holiness and a willingness to remain Faithful and Obedient). This is a dry season of testing characterised by continuing and increasing apostasy. A time of discernible increase. A measure not seen before. Apostasy and a lack of willing support is DRYNESS. Beware dissatisfaction leading to one’s own dryness. Beware sudden unfaithfulness. The Lord will have mercy.

This is the time of preparation of “Certain Individuals” to be kept from the fullness of deception which is coming on the earth. A keeping also from demonic activity in the air. It is a measured increase, the sowing of seeds , for the keeping of the elect of God. Even a great number. Though outwardly not in this hour. Beware deluding spirits.


The United States of America??


Homosexuality. Rebellion against God. Individuality and individual happiness are gods.

4th Effect

Continued obedience and a willingness to suffer produce a pleasing aroma before God in Heaven. Now God will openly answer their prayers and reward their faithfulness. Now that which was hidden will be seen, not in the names and faces of individual men and women of the 3rd effect, they will remain hidden. God is jealous of them and won’t allow them to be taken away in vanity and pride. He will keep them for His own Glory. The visible fruit will be that God will raise up numbers of saints to reap a harvest for His name. These will be the ones who will pray with a voice which will be heard by many. The voice of a witness in many cities, in paths and streets in the fields and in the least place, they will be heard. Their strength will be given to a few to keep them. Strong prophets who have ceased from sin and become like a polished wall of brass. A fortified wall behind which the many will be kept. They will have no name of their own. Their name shall be the Lord is my Might.

Yet even this even all this is just a beginning of an end time labour of God.


Expounded from a prophecy given by Brother Gary
Posted on Sermon Index

 2012/5/27 19:59

Joined: 2011/10/23
Posts: 1863


brother i tremble reading your interprataion andrew

i felt yestaday as tho i wasnt going to be givern much of the interpration ,,,and felt that there was one who would ,,that must be you ,,,,,,your exposision goes beoned my ability to understand at that debth in which you have writtern ,,,,,,i will be blessed to go over this numerous times ,and diegest piece at a time ,,for a more fuller understanding

youve blessed me brother andrew ,,maby if god wills i may be able to add a little to what you have graiously writtern for us ,,,thank you

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Joined: 2011/10/23
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you mentioned the propherts ,the way i feel or understand it,,,,,,these will forsake all for secrect prayer ,,these will like john the baptise,, for saking all good things for the sake of there ministry,,this would be the lords best fruit so to speak

 2012/5/28 3:45Profile

 Re: Gather the Crumbs even the Crumbs

Brother yours is the faithfulness. One thing which keeps coming to my thinking has to do with gathering crumbs. A not despising small things and a not childishly neglecting to eat the whole meal.

Remember others here on SI have been the intercessors. Perhaps you have as well. I haven't. These "others" may not need to understand at this moment that they are the first "few" of this prophecy. After all their attitude will be one desiring God's glory and not man's recognition. Still other men must recognise them. These are the prophetic. I would encourage you to really seek the Lord's face and test every part of this in prayer. Not by doubting, but by a continued willingness to have God Himself look into it.

This is a part gathering crumbs. It wont take much to make certain what you have written because you already have a greater witness of it now. This is true for me also. I was quickened and washed 3 times transposing your prophecy. At one instant I couldn't write and had to release the cup with tongues of worship and praise. Without a desire to test however, we would be breaking the first rule of prophecy. It must be tested by others. How God will do that is a matter for God Himself.

Another part gathering crumbs has to do with what's left behind when we excitedly move on to serve the Lord. This is something you yourself must be faithful in more than anyone. You have the prophecy. Nothing added either by your own interpretation or mine or another's changes the place of burden in simplicity of purpose. As a matter of truth the original post which is the prophecy is quiet full and needs to be read and meditated on many times. We mustn't loose anything for the birds of the air to steal away. The way to think of this is as a meal. Only when we first arrive to the feast do we realise what a magnificent feast it really is. After we have eaten, having taken a fuller understanding of the meal itself, we have to snatch off the table cloth and go with it into the anti-room. We mustn't leave the crumbs or despise them. This is done by praying about the prophecy and keeping your focus on the original words given.

Hope this helps


 2012/5/28 4:14

Joined: 2011/10/23
Posts: 1863


brother im at a lose for words and a littel stund to say the least,,,your comments are needed ,but forgive me for being a little slow to digest your deep comments ,,bless you ,,,blessyou, for your wisom ,that i lack

 2012/5/28 5:12Profile

 Re: Your original prophecy!

Brother could you e-mail me so that I can ask you a few questions about the original post. I am setting it out in a prosaic format to make it easier to read and digest. To do this some transposition is needed and I can't do that without seeking your own understanding. I don't feel that it would accurate to have that discussion on line. It would seem like an abuse of the site. I realise that the prophecy is implicitly connected with SI and those who are interceding for a move of God in their spirits with power, but still I feel a check.

The original post will always be visible and anyone will in the end be able to judge for themselves if it has been manipulated falsely. This is far from my desire, but we have to be wise and accept that others must judge and will do so. It is a good and necessary reality.

Just so that you can understand where I am coming from here. I will share a few simple facts.

In the first place I have a growing burden for America. Not that I have a ministry in America. Just a burden. I also had a dream about Australia some months ago. It didn't seem very important at the time but I was truck by the content of the dream and wondered about it. I don't have a burden for Australia at all.

I did actually read your second post "a season of separation" before I asked you to nudge it. At the time I did have an interest. But to be accurate I was praying about another post and found myself unable to go into it. Neither was I led to go into it. Your third post "preparation is separation" struck me with considerable force. Hence my response. Your original post "the greatest question" also spoke to me, but only after you made reference to it in your third post. All three of these posts are by your own disclosure connected. When I read the second post a great many thoughts came flooding in and I am responding to the sum of those thoughts by acting as I have done. I want to conclude those leadings and then wait on the Lord.

This concluding is a gathering the threads together and presenting them in a way which is prophetically sound and helpful to everyone. What you have shared should by itself be adequate to produce a response and I realise from your comments about "charismatics" you were suprised by the lack of response. I don't hold to labels which in any case cause many believers to run a mile! This prophetic word you have shared if it is to have any ongoing substance must be the substance of many and not simply one or two men going off on a personal journey.

So without wanting to I have to work out this leading of God which has provoked me to this involvement.


 2012/5/28 17:58

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