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 a season of seperation

come reckon your selfs dead unto sin

come to a quite place ,and look ,,see the lord

he is hanging on the cross for us

see the blood

the pain

watch the scracrfice of the holy lamb

see how he offers him self to god for us

listen, hear the earth quake

and cry of the lamb
listen to the cords of sin break ,wile he screams

behold ,behold ,what he speaks
my god my god my whydid you have to for sake me

it is finished

he has broken the head of the snake

the propishiation ,the offering is compleat

the son has set you free

and you are free indeed

he has broken the power of sin over his people

truly this was the son of god

who was brusied for our iniquity
the chastisment of or peace was upon him
he bore our sins,listen to his pain
and by thsese strips we are heald

the cords of sin are gone

the leash of iniquity ,has been releasd

he has set you free from the leash of slavery

sin has not dominion over us

he condemed sin in the fleash

you are free ,he set you free

recken your selfs dead unto sin

sins dominion,was nailed to the cross

he who new no sin became sin
cursed is he who hung on the tree

the curse is left you ,,now you leave the curse on that tree

leave your old master ,on that cross

resiste the devil ,and he will flee from you

take the grain of mustard seed on thy lips

let it sprout and grow and fruit
confess the truth to one another

he set you free
indeed you are free

the cross has set you free
what was naid to the alter
beacme your freedom

rejoyce now in your liberty
wher sin abounded
grace abounded more

he set you free

step out from the old traps
dont let the traps in tangle you,you are allready free
you are a new creatour now
walk by faith
for i know my sheep
and they follow me
undure the narrow path ,that i made for you
and you are saved

no one is able to pluck you out of my hand

you have crusafied the flesh ,and it passions

listen to the screams of the flesh

there death has come
as a flower of the field passes away ,when i make the sun rise ,,the flower has been cut from you ,walk away now

dont hold onto ,a cut rose and look at its dieing atraction

walk now ,to the tomb ,behold ,and see im not there

iam vindacated ,so are you you ,come to me ,hold me

see that it is me ,but hold thy brothers by the hand ,and bring him to me ,,pull him away
from the roses ,,leave him not on the out skirts of the camp ,,lead him through the gate to my feet where i hung for you ,,forget your different doctrines ,like my two twin sons ,that i raised up for my sake and for your sake ,and remember my firsts furneral
and the spirit that was there that i gave for the bond of peace

and hold each ones hand with a brothererly kiss for a seconed

and look to me ,,remembering your self

and i shal lift you in my sancfication ,which i sangatfied you with,, touch not my libertys with all you heart

but touch my hands and feet ,and my side ,with all your stare ,,seperate your self for a season

and then you will know that i have seperated you for ever

seperated your self ,the season is come

and the season itself wil seperate you

it is the season for rain ,.

come and be washed in this new rain of old

blow the trumpet ,there is a wet season ,and a flood

this flood will only go down a narrow tribuatary ,this season

but the richness in the water ,will feed the trees ,and the trees will indeed bare fruit ,and the fruit will be stored in my barns ,and will feed the thoses thirsty ,in the dry season wich is near ,and thay shal ask and it will be givern ,,this will produce a different harvest ,from the last four ,,it will be my best fruit in the last miniute of my last hour of my last days ,

and behold this will prepare my way and make my paths strait ,,my propherts are coming,for i my self have raised
them before the world was ,and i will led them as i led you and you will surly know who are olive trees in the season to come ,,,,

now i call you ,all,, to repent ,and i do no your works , even my propherts ,and my pastors

all of you at this time shall repent

and hear what your evalasting father is saying to you

listen to me ,as you are my children ,,and i have some things more for all of you

some shall do the first works
and other shal you do the works that you hav never done yet

and even my weak waywould son whom i speak through this miniute,,he must dig verry deep and repent and do works he has never done and bare fruit of deep repentance ,and prove his love to me

my grace is sufishent

and i will suply according to need

this is what the lord is saying to you

my word is in you

and in your mouth

listen to what the spirit is saying to you tonight

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Joined: 2011/10/23
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 Re: a season of seperation

bumping this so ,brother armkelly can read it

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bumping this so paul west and greg can read it

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bumping this
, for time is near

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wake up how many times do i have to keep saying this listen to what the spirit is saying , who ever has ears to hear , let him hear what the Spirit says

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