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 Somalian Christians

I just read in IMG (Israel My Glory magazine) that a 17 yr old Christian lad was beheaded in Somalia. This of course is nothing new, and there are too many other similar stories to count, but it just got me thinking again of how easy we live here in the USA and how the "Christian" churches here have for decades completely ignored the persecuted Christians in countries like these by failing to pray for them as a united body,etc. So i just wanted to urge you if you belong to an organized gathering to try to get your leadership to make regular, united prayer for all those who are imprisoned for Christ and for their families; it would be a good idea if churches would commit a certain day every week to praying for Christians over in Muslim countries.

Several years ago i tried to get some people in the church i belonged to motivated to take up the cause of persecuted Christians and VOM with me but there was no interest. And i later found out that the leader of the "missionary" board, whom i had approached in the church was a closet ecumenical.
I don't think the American church body (and by this i mean the spiritual body both in and outside of the buildings) is praying enough for persecuted Christians worldwide and not in an organized enough fashion.

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 Re: Somalian Christians


I would agree. The persecuted are ignored in our prayer meetings. Well assuming you are blessed to be in a church that prays. That woold be another thread.

There is prayer going io for the persecuted but you are right. More could be done to uphold these brothers and sisters.

I found it interesting that I was the only one that responded to your thread. Sadly the contro threads get the most post. But be encouraged. There are a few of us who do remember the persecuted in prayer.


 2012/5/24 17:22

Joined: 2011/7/29
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northern USA


hi Bearmaster, yes more could and should be done (in an organized manner). Let's not be too hard on the Christians on this site though... I think the truth is that today we are all SO overwhelmed. There are SO MANY people to pray for, and on top of that we all have our OWN needs and things going on, whether it be wayward children lost parents & siblings, lost friends, lost acquaintences, neighbors, ill and afflicted people, jobless people, the lost teens of this generation, our own spiritual struggles, and so many others to pray for. That doesnt even begin to touch the list.

But i really think that it would be much easier if there was an organized and committed corporate effort afoot in every community and gathering of Believers. Then it might be less overwhelming for us as individuals.

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