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Brother, honestly, why are you defending a cult system based on satanic deception. Of course. The Mormon church will deny the white horse prophesy and Mit Romney's involvement in it. They are a cult and will lie to achieve their own ends.

Please refrain from writing things like this. No one is "defending a cult system." No one is doing anything even remotely like that and the accusation itself is completely untrue.

What I am saying is that there is a difference between "rumors" about a "white horse prophecy" and an ability to assert or present that it is true. Some people are supposing that it is true -- and saying/writing as much -- when the people who are rumored to embrace it deny that it is even true in the first place. Besides, even if it existed, a supposed "white horse prophecy" would be the least of the Mormon's doctrinal problems.

I think that you are missing the point about why the guideline about refraining from spreading urban legends, conspiracy theories and other myths on the forums. As believers, we must endeavor to be pure in our speech, claims and presentation of both the Gospel or our words spoken about others.

Obviously, Mormonism is a cult. And, obviously, their religion is incompatible with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. No one here is saying any differently. However, if you are going to dissect the religion on a public forum, then at least get it right and avoid spreading rumors about them.

What did you post about the "reality of things that are happening?" Those who posted the "white horse prophecy" did NOT post something about the "reality of things that are happening" but spread a rumor and legend that they heard/read elsewhere. The very people who are supposed to embrace it DENY that it is true -- and now you assert that says that we should believe that they are lying about, well, a prophecy that they say doesn't even exist.

Like I said, there is certainly a conspiracy -- but it has existed since the creation of this world. Satan knows that his end will come and he hopes to distract all of Creation from considering the things of God. That is not in dispute.

Brother, no one is saying that we shouldn't believe Voice of the Martyrs, Open Doors or other missionary organizations. No one is saying that persecution or martyrdom "is not coming." Such an accusation itself just doesn't make any sense.

Rather, the simple caution that I have urged is that we avoid spreading rumors, gossip, hearsay, or conspiracies unless they are indisputable and true -- and that the limits of our research on such matters should be clearly identified. And, of course, we should post such things only after we have felt a release from the Lord to repeat such things.

But, we shouldn't repeat things that we hear unless we are absolutely certain of their validity. Otherwise, we should identify such things as such. Believe it or not, there are individuals who unwittingly spread gossip, rumors, slander and all such things thinking that it is "spiritual" and done for a "good cause."


Chris are you going to tell me that VOM and Open Doors are dealing in old wives tales. I don't think you believe this. At least I hope you don't. But brother I think you need to open your eyes to more of the reality that is taking place. This is not an intellectual, theorectical discussion. But this is a spiritual war for the souls if men and women.

Brother, you shouldn't assume that I am unaware of spiritual warfare for the souls of mankind. You shouldn't make assumptions that my "eyes are closed" either. You have been here for just over a month and have written several claims and accusations and even witty insults for which I am not even certain you realize are insulting or accusatory of others.

The point that I am trying to make is that we should be careful not to be found guilty of LYING or GOSSIP even if we think that we are right via the limits of our "research." To assert such a bold claim about a "white horse religion" (which is itself based upon hearsay) is literally repeating a story...and nothing more. We should be careful about repeating it or even as introducing it as anything other than an urban legend/myth that may or may not be true.

Like I said, Mormonism is a cult for reasons apart from this urban legend. No one here is defending the doctrines or views of Mormonism. Similarly, I was not defending the views, religion or policies of President Obama when I cautioned individuals to refrain from claiming that he is a Muslim or that he was born in Kenya. Regardless of how "right" we may think that we are, these type of allegations aren't clearly established enough to be presented as "truth" and shouldn't be presented as such.

Does that make sense?

Yes, the times are at hand. Yes, there are believers being persecuted. Yes, some conspiracies have pieces or semblances of truth in them (which is often true of lies as well). And, yes, we are living in perilous times. Yet, that is all the more reason to be PURE with our rhetoric! We should pray that everything that passes out of our mouth is true.

Brother, we should TEST EVERYTHING. We should test everything that we hear -- from the world and from people in the Church. We can study claims by sincere research (if we so desire), but we can test doctrinal claims by the Word of God. And, of course, the only thing that should come out of our mouth with grand assertiveness should be the truth.

When I added this article to the NEWS section, it is because I read it at the BBC website. Even in the article, the woman is simply sharing her opinion. There was no "conspiracy" that I was laying out. It is just an article about some writer's opinion. I believe that it shows how some people are "warming up" to a technical identity that might be a precursor to the "mark of the Beast" as mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

Brother, I would just appreciate it if you don't react aggressively when I say that we should be careful about the validity of our claims...or not be distracted by chasing or spreading conspiracies, rumors, urban legends, myths or pure gossip. Any such caution that I urge is not directed at anyone in particular. It is reflected in the guidelines for the forums too (which I posted in a previous thread).


 2012/5/23 20:30Profile


The Bar Code Turns 60 years old.

 2012/10/8 15:38

 Re: lassy moon

lassy moon, "sci-fi" writer is a child of the devil, period, end of sentence.

i've also heard these Words, "flee babylon", he who has ears.

....and the Words, "mark and avoid" are give new import and meaning, the more i read.

'mark and avoid".

 2012/10/9 8:23

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