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I have edited my post. I did not come to argue with anyone or to stir up trouble merely to share with someone who was asking about brothers and sisters who are living one to another daily and what their experiences are like. I will just say I do not agree with your posts about the site and wish you a blessed day.

God Bless

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I have not posted before, in fact I am new here but I know of a wonderful site that you might check out. I will leave the link below.

These are brothers and sisters who are living their lives daily with one another with Jesus as the head.

God Bless

I would caution people about this ministry. I do not have much personal acquaintance with it, but I know of more than one person who has eaten up their teaching and they both became incredibly elitist, judgmental, condemning, and sounding like a broken record....

I cannot say it is solely because of that group, but those 2 are the only ones I know who have been mega influenced by it, and I was not impressed with the Christ-likeness that I saw coming out of them.

PS - this is coming from a street preacher who is shunned for how confrontational I have been w/ sharing the Gospel.


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 Re: "Acts 2" Type Community

I have not posted before, in fact I am new here but I know of a wonderful site that you might check out. I will leave the link below.

I have not personally visited this group, but I have had a negative report about it. I have read Mike Peters' books, and there's nothing there that I haven't read elsewhere, and a lot of it doesn't make much sense. Elitism is definitely present.


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For another perspective on this group:

Exercise discernment.

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He died as a brave man who was willing to die for what he believed, but was he Christian?


 2006/10/31 18:34

 further lies

this is from the website

that was posted about Bonhoffer.

"Though claiming to be a disciple of Gandhi and his credo of non-violence, Bonhoeffer worked as a double agent in the anti-Nazi resistance movement and in the German military office, and eventually joined the wartime conspiracy to assassinate Hitler."

that is a lie, Bonhoeffer had knowledge, but no operational involvement in the plot, would to God it would have succeeded.

and the next line the author of the "expose" goes onto say:

"His arrest in 1943, however, arose from his direct involvement in smuggling fourteen Jews to Switzerland. He was hanged by the Nazis at Flossenburg on April 9, 1945"

"however"...believe me, if Dietrich would have been involved in the plot to kill that denom, he would have been shot at once, instead it was smuggling Jews out of Germany...oh horrors, what sinful behavior.

then I went to read the statement of faith in this, yet another "discernment" ministry:

"We also believe in the separation37 from detractors of orthodox doctrine; unbiblical ecclesiastical practices (i.e., neo-evangelicalism, ecumenism, ecclesiastical apostasy, modernism/liberalism, and the charismatic movement), immoral unrepentant "believers," and the state [primary separation]"....

there ya go......" a charismatic movement" is unbiblical......speaks volumes.

I own a copy of "Life Together", have read it twice, and it spoke to the Spirit that lives in me......

"was he a christian?"

isnt it funny, so many arbiters on this website of who is and isnt a "christian".

I'm learning a lot on this website, I combine it with Bible reading, and oh boy, I just bite my tongue.


 2006/10/31 18:55

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