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 What makes a great preacher?

Seems many Christians have their favorite preacher for whatever reason. The church, in general, esteems certain men of old as well as people we should hear and SI has some of their sermons in their archives.

What criteria goes into establishing someone as a great preacher and someone that seemingly everyone needs to hear? Is it the style of their preaching? Is it the power in their ministry? What is it?

Just to get more specific let me ask this, what makes people such at Art Katz, Paul Washer, David Wilkerson, Jonathan Edwards, John Piper, K.P. Yohanan ( did I even spell that right?), and even Ray Comfort.


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 Re: What makes a great preacher?

What makes a man a "great preacher" is that he speaks as one having authority. It's the "I should listen to what this guy has to say" factor.

Jimmy H

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 Re: What makes a great preacher?

What makes a great preacher you ask?

Pure 99/44 100% humility.

Matthew 23:12 ......... and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.

 2012/5/18 17:42

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It is much, but foremost those whos life i can get a glimpse of, much teaching is good, good theology, good expository preaching.... but for me I have come to need to see that what the man preached was true in his life.

Then all have different "styles" , maybe that is a bad description but those that have gods spirit have humility, they have the authority. Example i would never ever could have stand listen to T.A Sparks, his accent, his way of speaking does not appeal to the "flesh", but once you do REALLY listen you notice even tho he speak s slowly, never raises his voice shouting or anything, he speaks with an authority, a reality that is yet to be seen since?

Take Art Katz, his way of speaking is another he is more "advanced" and can punch in with authority and back up his way of life and deliver a sentence that makes you pause go back and re-listen just to grasp a hint of what he is saying, and that hint alone can bring you on your face for a week.

Take Zac Poonen, probably uses a vocabulary half of what Art Katz does, yet he has that prophetic and simple truth that cuts through all selfish and fleshly in us.

Take Ravenhill, not the gretest expositor that ever walked our earth but he knew God and when he opened his mouth he spoke what god told him. He would get passionate and shout and weep in the pulpuit...

All have different styles if that is right to say, but all are/where gods messengers.

I favor nobody because of their style, but those that stir me up, those that provoke me to pursue Christ more, become transformed into HIS image. and those that speak and leave me with a feeling of unsatisfied... a feeling that cries out in words unutterable "God i need more of you"...

I need become less worldly, more passionate for your kingdom , less of me and more of you...

One mark of these men is i have noticed, even tho they preach strong prophetic words that can utterly condemn you in your conciseness, they always leave hope, also they are very practical. what they preach are very easily applies to our everyday life if we are willing to...

So in short a great preacher is one that is filled with His spirit.


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Are we elevating men over Jesus? There was an account where some visitors went to hear a preacher who was a great orator. They cane away saying what a preacher! What a preacher! They then went to hear C. H. Spurgeon. The visitors came away saying what a Savior! What a Savior! Don't know if the story is true. But it conveys a message. The only great oreaccher is Jesus himself.


 2012/5/18 18:15

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 Re: What makes a great preacher?

What makes a good preacher?

It is when you sense this person knows God intimately from experience. It is when he speaks from his personal relationship with him. Not like as though God is a person he read about in a book and is now giving an exposition or book report on what he read. This drives me crazy when I hear this type of preaching. Wastes my time.

My opinion...

Sandra Miller

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I agree ginny. When it sounds like a preacher is just giving a speech, he is wasting my time too. But when he is preaching out of the depths of his own life and wrestlings with God, then I feel he has something to say worth listening to.

Jimmy H

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I would have to say that it is the Holy Spirit that makes a good preacher, if someone can be called that.

Let's face it folks, nothing we do will be good enough. It is only through the power and leading of the Holy Spirit that "our" preaching turns into His preaching.



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 Re: What makes a great preacher?

An awesome responsibility for any man.

1Pe 4:11 "If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God; if any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth: that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom be praise and dominion for ever and ever. Amen."

JFB commentary - "In Act_7:38 also, the Greek article is wanting; thus English Version, “as the oracles of God,” namely, the Old Testament, would be “right,” and the precept be similar to Rom_12:6, “prophesy according to the analogy of the faith.” But the context suits better thus, “Let him speak as (becomes one speaking) oracles OF GOD.” His divinely inspired words are not his own, but God’s, and as a steward (1Pe_4:10) having them committed to him, he ought so to speak them. Jesus was the pattern in this respect (Mat_7:29; Joh_12:49; Joh_14:10; compare Paul, 2Co_2:17). Note, the very same term as is applied in the only other passages where it occurs (Act_7:38; Rom_3:2; Heb_5:12), to the Old Testament inspired writings, is here predicated of the inspired words (the substance of which was afterwards committed to writing) of the New Testament prophets."

[the capitals are in the original]

 2012/5/19 12:22


Again I ask are we magnifying men over Jesus?

It was said that a person cane up to Smith Wigglesworth. This person said Mr. Wigglesworth. Everybody is talking about you. To this Wigglesworth replied I know my time on earth will be short. About a year later God took him home. Smith Wiggleseorth knew God will not give his glory to man. It's God who gets the glory.

Remember when the rich young ruler came up to Jesus? He commended him and said 'good teacher'. Now Jesus is the good teacher and more. But he had to correct the young man and say there is only one who is good. And that is God.

I think a thread was posted entitled.'We are not rock stars'. I believe this was about a conference in which some of the leading preachers in this country were discouraging people from elevating them.

I was part of a church where the teaching elders were elevated and almost worshipped. Pride cane into our midst. God humbled that church.

Saints please do not elevate men above Jesus.

Bearmaster standing down.

 2012/5/19 13:49

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