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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Semi Urgent Prayer Request

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 Semi Urgent Prayer Request

Nothing life or death here, but I have a friend who is coming to do missions work with a church in my area next week (long term), but there was a complication with her paper work at the immigration office. The papers were submitted over a month and a half ago (which is way longer than is usually needed), but they're still not done.

Also we need them finished by tomorrow if my friend is going to be able to get her visa, as she's flying here next Tuesday. O_O

We need a miracle in the immigration office, as they just made us aware of the hiccup in the paperwork on Friday, so we hadn't had a chance to correct it until then.

You're prayers would be much appreciated, as that's honestly the only thing right now that could possibly make this happen.

My friend's name is Ciara.



 2012/5/14 11:56

 Re: Semi Urgent Prayer Request

I pray that God will resolve this quickly! Thank you for you service.

 2012/5/14 12:06

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Asking God for that miracle :)

 2012/5/14 12:42Profile


Thanks guys.

 2012/5/14 20:09


Alright, so unusual turn of events. We just talked to immigration this morning, and they said the paperwork was not finished.

HOWEVER, they made us aware of a very interesting situation. If they finish her paperwork between now and when she flies into Japan next week, she's going to have to leave the country and get her visa in a neighboring country like Guam or Korea and then return (which would be expensive and time consuming, and when she arrives at first she will have neither money nor time). BUT, if it takes them longer than a week, and they finish her paperwork AFTER she arrives, then they'll just change her tourist visa to a residency visa.

Strange rules right? Anyway, now we're praying for the polar opposite. We want them to stall on those papers as long as possible (or at least until after she arrives next week). :P

God knows the situation, and the prayers that have already been given on her behalf so if you've prayed for them to come quicker or if you're going to pray for them to stall on finishing them, God knows the timing needed, but I figure I'd just update you all on the situation.

Thanks for your continual prayers.


 2012/5/14 21:42

 Re: Semi Urgent Prayer Request

Wow, God may have something even better in the workings...

 2012/5/14 22:31


Wow, God may have something even better in the workings...

That's what we're hoping too! Thanks for your prayers and support!

 2012/5/14 23:01

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