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QUOTE: "I could be wrong but I keep getting the feeling that Trekker is a troll."==HULSEY

Ok, i'm trying not to feel insulted here. It's not easy to ALWAYS be misunderstood. All i can say Hulsey is that i am not like the religious people you go to church with, i for one have a sense of humor and i believe that anyone who doesn't have one takes themselves way too seriously. People who don't have a sense of humor and can't laugh at themselves are boring at the least and proud at the worst. I can also tell you I am a rather blunt person, am a Believer in Jesus Christ and read my Bible and pray. If that is not enough to stop all the insinuations that i am a troll on this forum i guess then i can't help you. Some of the things i post are tongue in cheek, others i post to make people think, and whathaveyou. Why is it any time someone posts something that others find irritating or dislike they must label someone a troll? A long time ago someone painted Bible4life a troll also.

Well, i guess i can understand some of your suspicion; one must be cautious today, afterall. I can at least be thankful i haven't been labeled a witch

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Joined: 2011/7/29
Posts: 683
northern USA


QUOTE: "If a smoker goes to the store and buys cigarettes - is it GOD's Fault?"==JESUSISGOD

No but if the smoker asked God earlier in the week to free him from that addiction or the power of that over his life, then what? Obviously he has not been freed--at least not yet--, God did not answer his prayer. And so far you have completely avoided the question as to why.

I am seeking information and understanding and if you don't have the knowledge or the answers to the questions at least please refrain from hurling false accusations and condemnations like you frequently tend to do (i have noticed this a lot in your comments in the past, you tend to spend a lot of time angrily condemning people, such as bible4life when he posted his spiritual struggles, and other ones i have posted long ago). Also, your false statement that i have a friend addicted to drugs; i made it quite clear that he is NOT addicted and the drugs he is prescribed are not even addictive, any more than apples are addictive. But one can eat even too many apples til he gets sick. Again, i gained nothing whatsoever out of your comments except the usual anger, accusation, and condemnation which closes my ears to anything you may have to say in the future on any topic.

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I spent a lot of years waiting for God to meet me in my pit, take me out of my pit, remove my pit. He did none of those things. Instead, He patiently waited on me to step into the Light.
I would meditate on the word that says that he provides for us a way of escape from temptation and wonder why I couldn't escape my passions. Where was my "out?"
It wasn't till I began to *see* that my way of escape was not the escape that I wanted or imagined, but it was literally to remove all focus from myself and my temptation and set my focus onto Jesus.
I will use an issue with anger that I dealt with as an example: I would ask the Lord to remove my anger but then when I found myself angry, I would resist a little, and then go with it because I thought to deny it would be to lie to myself. I mean, if God had delivered me from anger then why was I feeling angry? So I believed I was not delivered, and I would go with the flow of feeling angry. You see, even though I was thinking about God I was still focused on my want- to feel angry and act on it. As a result, I remained in bondage.
Eventually, I began to ask God to deliver me from anger, and when I would be tempted to act on it I would fall on my knees and tell God about all the scriptures I had read that convicted my heart that it was sin for me, asking deliverance from this thing in my heart that displeases Him and I would recount His goodness and character. Through persevering in this way, I began to notice that the episodes became less frequent and less severe. This was the way of escape He had given me.
If the Holy Spirit is convicting you of gluttony, then He is also wanting to free you from it. It is natural to wish the temptation would just be gone, but even Jesus "learned obedience by the things he suffered." God wants us to learn to be dependent on Him. Ask Him to teach you how He is your way of escape. This is the Fathers will for us. May God bring this to life for you.
Jesus was tempted just like we are, but yet he never gave into a temptation. How did he do it? The very same way- He wanted only to do the Fathers will, and He sought to please Him in all things. He spent all his life humbling himself before Him , that's what Jesus came to show us. That's the WAY. The Way to life.
"Whoever desires to come after Me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross, and follow Me."

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Just finding these replies.

Trekker, there's only two types of posts that gets my anger going and "all anger is not sin", btw.

It's those posts or posters that lead others dangerously astray by accusations against GOD or those that put others in actual spiritual 'danger' by what they post.

Other than that, I enjoy 99.8% of all of the posters here and would rather read their posts than post myself.

Good counsel, Onemite - Thank you!

 2012/5/19 12:52

Joined: 2003/7/31
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Phoenix, Arizona USA


I could be wrong but I keep getting the feeling that Trekker is a troll.

Have thought the same thing myself. I think we just need to stop giving an audience to ridiculous questions like those of the OP.

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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 Re: Appetites

Trekker...Please someone tell me why i prayed to God asking Him to take control of all my appetites and today i bought/ate a box of chocolate mint cookies? Why isnt my prayer being answered? Is God trying to get me fat?

How do you know he did not answer your prayer? ever thought there might be some ingredient in those cookies that was healing some part of your body? Or, he might have answered your prayer, and you just were not listening very good and your "free will" took charge. I would be scared to even mention God is not answering my prayer, how would I even know, if his ways and his thoughts are not as ours?


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Lady, tell me you're not serious with this statement.

Wait, isn't Trekker a guy?

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 Re: Appetites


Your answer is found in Deut 7:16-23. Before you enter the promised land, the Lord would have you slay some things in yourself. Vs 16 tells you the manner of going about to slay these things, "...thine eye shalt have no pity on them..." even though they are of the sweetest chocolate. If you truly want these things to be slain, have no pity on them.

Next, even if approached in this manner vs 22 shows that the Lord will only give you little bits of ground at a time. He does this for us because the wild beasts of pride and self-righteousness rise up if we even begin to think that conquering sin is easy. We must have some struggle with it for various reasons, some of which are based on our fall, some of which are based on our future, and some of which are based on the Glory of God. Now if you set about slaying the present inhabitants (in this case chocolate) with no pity, more battles will be won, so that little by little God does bring you into the land of your inheritance. But if you plan to dwell in the land at peace with the present inhabitants, God will give you no new ground.

Also note, that within each battle are gains and losses. Today you suffered loss in the battle, but this loss for a warrior should cause you to strengthen your resolve which can ebb and flow over time. Each of us can be caught in a time of weak resolve but God allows it only to expose our waning defense, such that we can regroup. Plus, like the quail, God sometimes gives you what you thought you wanted until you are sick of it, to work in you the will to overcome.

"Trolls r us"

 2012/5/19 23:28

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