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 Detroit's Answer to Abject Poverty: Tax the Poor!!!

Gourlay was cited for loose and peeling paint and ordered to repair or replace his front porch. In addition, he would need to hire a certified inspector to confirm that his house was free of deteriorating lead-based paint, something not uncommon in older homes like those in Hubbard Farms.

Many of his neighbors received similar citations. Additional repairs and improvements include trimming trees; painting trim; removing all peeling paint and repainting the dwelling; repairing defective front porches, including stairs, decking, rails, posts, ceilings or skirting; removing debris and unlicensed vehicles, and providing approved address numbers on the house.

This is utterly ridiculous, these folks don't have a lot of money to begin with, now the folks in City Hall are going to begin citing people for poverty?

Lord, please look down with mercy and heal our wicked city.

 2012/5/10 15:02Profile

 Re: Detroit's Answer to Abject Poverty: Tax the Poor!!!

I'm gonna stick my neck out here but it is interesting to note that the liberals (Democrats...sorry, but this is fact!)... the people who call themselves "the compassionate ones" and try to paint their opposition as uncaring, cold and heartless... are the ones who have destroyed Detriot. And they are the ones who are taxing the poor there with this nonsense.

This is what liberal socialism does. Detroit is the example.


 2012/5/10 16:14

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