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 Taxi story [part 1]

It's been a while since Christmas, but i want to share some thing happened to me, last year Christmas and the year before that also on Christmas. (and a great way to practice my english, and hope you understand what i'm trying to say:-P)

I'm a cab driver, here in Holland (part-time job) and The Lord really blessed me with it, and used me on the 2nd Christmas day (here in Holland we have 2 Christmas days) in 2003 and 2004.

In 2003 this happened, i had to pick up a lady, when she was sitting in the cab, we began to talk, and she began to talk about that life mades her sad and depressed, and she said: "i've got no one who loves me, sometimes i feel like my cat gives me more love, than anyone" it was that moment when The Holy Spirit said to me: "tell her about Christ" and i said something like this: "madam, you know it's Christmas, and there is a God in Heaven Who so loved the world that He gave His Only Son Jesus Christ, He died for us on The Cross, because of love for you" And this woman, when she heared these words, looked like she was hit by a lighting flash, and she began to talk about that she believed in God, but hasn't done much about it, and these words, were as hope and love to her, to give her strength and turn back to God. I was so impressed by this reaction it hit me, and i almost said to myself:"ow man, what have i done" but it was so great to see this woman, return to God again.

Next year, same 2nd Christmas night. I was waiting to receive a address, and i was first on the list (we were standing with a couple of cabs in a line). So everyone around me received a address, so i called and said "yo, men ain't you forgetting someone??" his reaction: "be cool, and just wait dude" i tought "well oke, so be it"....and finally i received the address, it was a small i drove to it, walked in, and there was a lady. she stepped in to the cab and didn't look to happy, see was crying and almost afraid of me, because she said "i don't want to bother you, look i've fasted my seatbelt and i've got here 50 euro (far too much)"...and as we were driving she began to talk about that she felt miserable, filthy, people were unkind to her, and threathed her unkind that night, and she just want to go home. And we were almost there, God opened my mouth and used me to talk about Jesus Christ, and i offered her a Gospel of John, and her eyes changed, her reaction was like "what?? is that for me? you want to give me that?" it looked like she made a 180 degree turn in the way she felt and act. Her eyes were changed, and she was so happy, that she heared this message of hope and love and that she had received this Gospel of John, and she was going to read it. And i believe she did.

God is a Great and Faithfull God, He was my Guide, He used me and opened my mouth, and i could only thank The Lord, and pray for these women.

i'll share probably more stories about what happened to me, and how God used me, protected me, but i tought, this is a sort of "kick-off".

i thank The Lord God, for useing me, i, the one who fails many times, but it was not i, but Christ Jesus, who did it and His Holy Spirit who gave the strength.

Keep walking with Jesus Christ, and keep looking at Him.....facedown!

in Christ



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