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In the end if a christian cannot love and discern maturely and they speak in tongues they really have a problem!!

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 2012/5/11 9:23

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@ Deadn

You stated

What I am against is the spiritual badge people are given and give themselves because they think they do such a thing and yet have no power and have taken the entire 'gift' out of its context

That made me laugh! I totally agree. Tongues are a tool/gift given by God. It is His grace that bestows them on us so any pride one takes is absolutely in error.

you stated
Suppose someone speaks in tongues there is no power.

Evidently that happened at Corinth at times as well. Nothing new under the sun is there? Probably in those cases you have immature Christians that do not comprehend what has happened. However, please don't fall into that trap of judging the truth of God's Word by the actions of some people you see. The blood of Jesus saves and delivers. However, you and I have both seen people that professed Jesus in word but lived a life that denied it. You won't abandon faith in Jesus blood and delivering power because some people seemed to not have an experience that matched His Word would you?!?! Of course not! Don't let the immaturity of a few become a stumbling block on the blood of Jesus, the gift of tongues, or any other Biblical truth!

You stated
Yes, there is a prayer language of tongues but biblical we read that it was spoken as a act of proclaiming God in a language the speaker didn't know to someone who did. I.E. if I began speaking French proclaiming God and there were French people around here the gospel.

Well... yes that is true in 1 of the three types of tongues. That is only 1 type. It is certainly one of them but by no means the only type. It was generally not the most common in either Biblical times or ours. You can't just throw this multifaceted gift all into one type. There are other administrations of tongues in scripture that are totally different in their purpose, manifestation, and design than the one you mentioned.

You asked
Did Paul speak in tongues?

Absolutely! 1 Corinthians 14:18 "I thank God that I speak in tongues more than all of you".

Keep in mind that Paul wrote this to the most Charismatic and tongue speaking church of the New Testament. It was so much a part of their corporate worship that Paul placed limitations on it in his letter. So... with that in mind how much must Paul have been praying in tongues? That thought coupled with the verses I posted earlier may hold a key to one reason Paul manifested such power of God in his ministry.

You stated
I just think tongues has been prostitued to be a spiritual badge and those who don't are made to be inferior when many who speak in other tongues don't even love as they should according to the power of the Spirit.

I am sure that has happened often to people over time. However, the exact same could be said for Calvinists, Lutherans, Assemblies of God, or any of a thousand other things. The feeling of "I'm superior" is not unique to folks who pray in The Spirit. In fact I know many people that feel they are superior because they DO NOT pray in the Spirit. They claim they are to smart and advanced to believe that non sense. In fact a few of them I know are seminary teachers. So what-

Deadn... for you, and any of us, the question is simply this. Do you want all of what God has to enable you to live a victorious Christian life and to fulfill your call and ministry on the earth. If the answer is yes then ignore the people that have a wrong attitude about the gifts and seek the gifts for yourself. Find people that DO have maturity and understanding about them. Allow those folks to help you along the way. Take God's Word as it is written and avoid allowing others to do theological gymnastics with it to make it fit their own personal viewpoint.

You will then make yourself a good example knowing personally how much it is needed. You go ahead and manifest the gifts AS WELL AS living a life full of the fruit of the Spirit.That's really all the issue is about in 1 Corinthians. By all means be used in the gifts... but make sure you are also clearly manifesting the fruit of the Spirit. THAT is how the trumpet is to sound clearly!

In short, YOU are responsible for whether you allow God to move in those ways in your life... not some guy who has a wrong perception of the gifts. DO NOT allow that to be used as a tool to rob you and keep you from more in Christ. That is what the enemy would want.

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 Re: Help with reformed vs charismatic/pentcostal


I just wanted to say how much I, for one, appreciated your timely response on 2012/5/11 6:29.

God bless you brother,
Sister Lisa


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hi, i was a somewhat backsliden evangelist who battled satan tooth and nail was confessing my sins to the Lord and told Him i needed help for i was a lousy christian and i emediately began to speak in tongues never having been in a pentacostal church. my friend wrote a paper at the baptist seminary on why tongues were not for today ... a month later was praying for his mother who was in a comma... with no results he cried out for the same power that the apostles had in acts and received on the spot... he prayed for his mom and she was raised up. does this make me or will any better than you ?no,it just was God meeting our needs at the time we needed strength from above and as we ;alone in our prayer closet pray in tongues ,are built up in our Holy faith... it is probably because we are weeker that God helps us.jimp

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