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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : Billy Graham Endorses NC Marriage Amendment Before State Vote

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Trekker....I don't have a clue why this is considered newsworthy...

Guess we all here could say the same about your post. You get up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, or is the coffee pot broken? :)


 2012/5/7 9:54Profile

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Not all people you don't like are totally wrong in all things.

I was active in the pro-life movement for fifteen years. It used to disturb me that it was the Catholics who led the fight against abortion before the evangelicals and others ever woke up that there is a problem here. Considering what was done in secret by Catholic priests and nuns it does seem as a contradiction in morals, nevertheless, people did benefit from their activism in spearheading the public's awareness of the evil inherent in the AB industry.

Do you know that when I got involved 25 years ago there were people in our church that knew little or nothing about abortion? I, a woman, had to educate them about the seriousness of this procedure. So, then, I am grateful for those who do sound the alarm even though I may not agree with them theologically. Truth is truth regardless who says it.

Just my two cents...not worth much - won't even buy a piece of candy! SIGH

Sandra Miller

 2012/5/7 22:38Profile


I don't have a clue why this is considered newsworthy. Billy Graham the little idol of the evangelicals endorses a marriage amendment bill, big woop. So does Mitt Romney, so does the Pope. So do many other apostates.

This is not helpful, brother. While there are things about Billy Grahams ministry that I take issue with... to call the man an apostate is foolish. Do you know him? Have you ever sat down and talked to him? I live less than a half hour from him and I have never met him or talked to him, so I doubt you have. (My two younger boys were born in the same hospital they take Billy to whenever he's sick... Mission Hospital in Asheville, NC... thats where I was when I had my heart attack too. You walk thru the Ruth & Billy Graham wing to get to maternity)

We can look at the pope and draw conclusions about him based on his teachings and heresies. Same for Mitt Romney.

But Billy Graham preaches Biblical salvation. I may not agree with his methods or his ecumenism... but he claims Christ as his savior, and I find no error in his salvation message.

Have you done as much as he has attempted to do to reach the world with the gospel? Doubtful.

Disagree with some of his methods, thats ok. I do! But you have no right to sit in judgement over him as a man and as a believer.

And if he is an "evangelical" idol thats not his fault. Thats the fault of the idolatrous people who make him an idol. He's never encouraged anyone to make him an idol.


PS: I voted FOR the marriage ammendment.

 2012/5/9 11:02

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