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 Marriage ( the two truly becoming one in HIM)

I was thinking about my marriage and how much the LORD has been an intricate part of actively working to keep us going. Like any marriage we have had our shares of ups and downs, we have even come very close to going our separate ways and yet here we are twenty eight years later and I can honestly say I love my husband more deeply then I did on the day we married. The strange thing is as I look back over the most difficult years I realize that so much of my own sin laid the ground work for the truly biggest fights and challenges we came up against. It wasn't outside influences, it wasn't life changing events, or the world crumbling around us, no it was simple everyday self centered living that almost did us in... Getting married so young and already have a little one on top of that made for a lot of struggles that surely should have taken us out as a couple. But GOD is amazing, in HIS mercy HE has brought us such a long way from those teenagers we use to be. In particular HE has grown me so much. For so long I wanted my husband to be everything to me, I wanted him to fill this void and emptiness that I always felt deep down inside. I wanted our love to be like all the great loves from literature, like all the great love stories that seem so timeless. I wanted him to be “Mr. Darcy” and "Prince Charming" all rolled up into a nice neat package and when he couldn't be, and there were times that he failed, I was the worst to him. Yelling, screaming, ranting, the abuse I caused with my tongue makes me shudder today to think on it and yet it also reminds me what the LORD can do in my life if I am willing to yield. The fact that my husband is still with me is also such a testimony to the patients GOD can and does give us. Not that I look at my husband as a saint, he had and still does have his flaws too but I realize how important it is to see past them and look to JESUS, and I am thankful that my husband does the same for me. GOD has taught me so much over the years. I have learned the value of praying for my husband, of thinking before I speak, of sitting still and listening, of dying to self and my need to control and be “right,” but most of all I have learned to forgive and trust in GOD. As silly as it may sound to some HE is the glue that holds us together. There were those around us, family even, that said we should just give it up a long time ago, that we both would be better off but GOD had a better plan for us. As for some of those needs I mentioned before, I can honestly say I feel so much love from my husband now because its not that silly selfish stuff the world promotes. The love we have for each other is rooted deep in JESUS, its the kind of love that dries your tears when your sad, that holds you when your sick, and stands beside you when others turn and run away, the kind of love that tells you the truth no matter what the cost to themselves. I don't want my husband to emulate the love of the world for me anymore because I have seen a love that is so much more real, the love of a SAVIOR for HIS bride, and that is what I want my marriage to reflect now :)

(I know as believers we often find ourselves under attack from the enemy and marriage is just one battle front he seems to be advancing in, but I also know that there are many real "love" stories out there that are founded and deeply rooted in JESUS. I would love to hear them :) )

God bless

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