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 I need advice

Pls brethren, i'm currenty handling a case that has to do with making restitution. Some friends of mine just came back from student congress with Bro Gbile, they seem to be so affected, and are taking some decisions i feel is dangerous. For example one wants to withdraw from his bachelors program because he got his o/level by malpractise, another is going to make a confession that may do more harm. Pls can some one say something, or direct me to some messages (preferably text) on restitution.

 2012/5/4 6:54

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 Re: I need advice

hi, faith is doing what God tells you to do and not what i tell you or anyone else.jimp

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restitution is within the realm of repentance here are audiosermons on that topic.


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QUOTE: "hi, faith is doing what God tells you to do and not what i tell you or anyone else.jimp"==JIMP

And yet it is written, "There is safety in a multitude of counselors". It is NOT wrong to ask counsel of other Believers. It is wise.

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Hey idke, I will pray God gives wisdom to some of the brothers on sermon index to help you sort out what God's principles and will is on this matter. I admire you for caring and humbly seeking guidance.

 2012/5/4 11:10

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 Re: I need advice

Iyke, I am not sure I fully understand your situation, but I suspect there may be something in this sermon that might be of assistance. This sermon by J. Edwin Orr has a lot of practical wisdom concerning confession. He points out, if I remember right, different kinds of error that the church historically has fallen into concerning the area of confession.

While we are to confess our sins, we must remember that love also "covers a multitude of sins."

Jeremiah Dusenberry

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 Re: I need advice

Pls can some one say something

Restitution without the balance of real conviction is a very damaging thing. I knew a man who was newly saved, but he was in great distress. At the time I couldn't believe that he was saved because it seemed to me that had he received a God given conviction of sin, then he would have also received faith to repent as well. Given that repentance follows on from conviction and leads a man to a direct ability to 'walk away' from, not only his past sins, but empowers him with the knowledge that he can equally turn from future sin, it seems that restitution has to be a matter of present conviction by God Himself and not provoked by a teaching.

The brother referred to above was suffering because he had sinned in a particular way which had it been revealed would have destroyed him completely. I came to the conclusion after many hours of asking him that he was being attacked by a false sense of righteousness. He was in fact afraid because of his past sin both before God and men and was driven to put himself to an open shame.

I also found out that his sin whilst it was certainly 'difficult' to accept, was itself a provocation from an experience in his teens, which was far worse in its effect on him, than his sin would have been or was on others. He like your friends was in the place of having been hidden. He wasn't 'found out' at the time. In fact he may not have been 'seen' at the time. It took plenty of reminders that his faith 'covered' his sin, and that he didn't need to make an open display of them and bring himself into an unnecessary judgement. Perhaps these two souls need to find the balance between their past and their present intentions.


 2012/5/4 11:40

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When I first became a Believer, the Lord spoke to me to make restitution to 2 businesses and 1 individual. I could have been arrested by the businesses and put in jail. The Lord told me that being right with Him and beginning a good foundation in my Christian walk was paramount and that I should not be concerned with the possible consequences from man but rather be concerned about the consequences of not obeying the Lord and "hiding" a matter that was in my power to correct.

I obeyed the Lord, trusted in Him and He safeguarded me. But I did not know that ahead of time.

I can't tell you how obeying the Lord in those possibly fearful situations, really propelled me in my relationship with Him.


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We need to remember that all sin when truly repented and confessed to God as walk in the light is cleansed by the blood of Jesus. When confessed to God we are free and God will remember it no more.

We do not have to confess our sins to man because they are primarily against God. We confess our sins in were we have wrong mankind to make it right with him.

Restitution is another matter and sometimes gets confused so one would need to really seek God in how to go about restitution. Sometimes a person makes things worse on themselves than God would have made it for them.

Blessings as you seek His council...from brother rbanks

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If God wants you to make restitution, He will seek you and you will know it?

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