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Sulphur Springs, Texas

 I'm losing my faith and I need your help...

I've been a devout Christian since May 2010. I have never been one to doubt my faith, even though I ask questions that some may never think to ask. I ask, not because I doubt, but to study deeper into the Scriptures to really find what God is saying about the subject of study. But I've hit a really big ditch and I really need your help to get out...

Is God still working miracles through the Church? I mean, honest miracles like the blind seeing, the sick being healed, the lame walking, and the dead rising through the power of God at work through Christians? Not science, not medicine. Simply the power of God?

Maximino Cosme II

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 Re: I'm losing my faith and I need your help...

God is the same he always was, that is my personal conviction and faith. I have not witnessed raising of dead or lame to walk personally, i have witnessed God answer prayer and removed physical suffering in a twinkling of an eye. But we so often count true fith or power of faith to the heroes of hebrews 11, that by faith concered kingdoms, raised the dead etc.... but those that where in the wilderness, naked, hungry and sawn asunder where filled with the same faith as those that raised the dead. When we see this we will no matter the result of our faith have our eyes upon HIM "Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith" it is he who writes our faith, and we leave the powerful results to him to reveal, wheter it be by death and weakness or through healing of the sick, raising the dead or joining them by martyrdom.

The christian walk for me has been full of ditches, some for a day or two other season of darkness has lasted for months without any end in sight. My experience is God always comes through in the end for those that wait upon Him.

I could share much but other men has said it better, i had once a little booklet written by a man 400 something years ago that helped me very much in a season of darkness. I hope it will help you some also.

"Weeping may endure for a night—but
joy comes in the morning." Psalm 30:5

Their mourning shall last but until morning.

God will turn . . .
their winter's night into a summer's day,
their sighing into singing,
their grief into gladness,
their mourning into music,
their bitter into sweet,
their wilderness into a paradise.

The life of a Christian is filled up with interchanges of
sickness and health,
weakness and strength,
want and wealth,
disgrace and honor,
crosses and comforts,
miseries and mercies,
joys and sorrows,
mirth and mourning.

All honey would harm us; all wormwood would undo
us—a composition of both is the best way to keep our
souls in a healthy constitution. It is best and most for
the health of the soul—that the warm south wind of
mercy, and the cold north wind of adversity—do both
blow upon it. And though every wind which blows,
shall blow good to the saints; yet certainly their sins
die most, and their graces thrive best, when they
are under the frigid, drying, nipping north wind of
calamity, as well as under the warm, nourishing south
wind of mercy and prosperity


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i felt led to share something more, at one point in my walk some years ago i felt as i can not endure this beyond the moment, either kill me now Lord or i can not be a Christian anymore, that was how i felt and it was a deep deep hurting in my soul.

Somehow i found myself just laying on my bed listening to music as i was skipping forward a T.A Sparks sermon came, as i always was very bad at sorting playlist etc so i just laid there listening. this was the message and in that moment of discouragement beyond possibility to convey with words, this sermon was like a flood wave of light straight from the throne of God, it filled me with new hope, and new power and refreshed my faith. The word of God...

you may be in a different place, different everything, but it may be of some comfort or encouragement, listening to Sparks requires full attention, his style of preaching and accent some have difficulty listening, but those that still do and focus will gain so much. so i strongly recomend this sermon.


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 Re: I'm losing my faith and I need your help...

Oh dear, i'm shock to hear u say such. Well, it is normal in Nigeria. Early this year W.F Kumuyi held a meeting in port harcourt, and i saw the lame got up. Not only is this real but God can do this through u. Have u got a blind or deaf, or dead person, lay ur hands and watch God do a miracle. I wonder that this should disturb ur faith. Beside blessed is he who have not seen but yet believe. I'm waiting to hear u share the testimony of what God did as u exercise ur faith

 2012/5/4 6:04

 Re: I'm losing my faith and I need your help...

Oh dear, i'm shock to hear u say such. Well, it is normal in Nigeria. Early this year W.F Kumuyi held a meeting in port harcourt, and i saw the lame got up. Not only is this real but God can do this through u. Have u got a blind or deaf, or dead person, lay ur hands and watch God do a miracle. I wonder that this should disturb ur faith. Beside blessed is he who have not seen but yet believe. I'm waiting to hear u share the testimony of what God did as u exercise ur faith

 2012/5/4 6:04

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 Re: I'm losing my faith and I need your help...

Hello Totality

What I read is this: Your faith in God's power is weakened. You don't see any miracles, so you want to hear testimonies from others who have experienced some. Am I right? Or is it your faith as a whole which is having a tough time?

In my case I have no doubt that God CAN do things, I guess my problem lies whether He WILL.

However, I've seen miracles, but the best one, as a singer named Carman puts it: "is when from sin He sets you free!" Like Ephesians 1 puts it, God's ultimate power shown is in the cross and the ressurection.

But back to healing and the likes. I've been witness to people losing their illness quickly through prayer. I've also got a friend of mine with a great testimony where a deaf man was given his speech back through prayer. That person also wanted to become a follower of Christ afterwards. Other than that I have some stories from people who are quite close to me, one example is a girl that I went to school with. She got her leg healed.

This might make you feel better because you're hearing that God's power is working. It's just too bad you haven't seen it with your own eyes, which I suppose is what you would like.

But having your faith relying on God's power being shown like that can be likened to a big meal instead of many small meals. One big might last for a while, but small meals will get you further and it's more healty.

In other words, try to look at small things which can increase your faith - the complexity and wonders of Creation. The strange inventions that humans which are made in the image of God are able to create. The, in my opinion, logical world view of the Bible. There are plenty in my view. In my case I can think of one important thing which increases my faith: The faithfulness of God. He has always taken care of me. I've always had what I need. And if I've been impatient and wanted things right away, He has shown me it's worth to wait for. (Like my fianceé, which I'm getting married to this summer)

I pray that you'll get out of the ditch in time!
- Svane

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 Re: I'm losing my faith and I need your help...

I've been a Christian since 1991, and that has been a walk ... a stumble ... a limp, but through all that, I know that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.

I was delivered from demons, and I have witnessed others being delivered from demons; I have prayed with people and have seen the Lord heal "in-a-heartbeat" and my faith soared. But there have also been times when I too was in the place you are now. I felt it was a terrible "drought" in my life, when all I could do was trust that my God was holding onto me, for my frail faith was not enough to hold onto Him.

When you do not see the miracles, hold on! When you doubt whether Christ is still working today as He did 2,000 years ago - hold on! But more than that - know that He is holding onto you.

Desert times can be wonderful, if we can but look for the beauty in it - because there are no other distractions, but to seek the Lord ... and no other voice but His.

Hold fast!!

Your sister in Christ.

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hi, i have been a christian for 48 years and have seen many, many miracles in that time. i have also found that if you are not a believer that you could be five feet away from a great miracle ,watch it happen,hear the testimony and not believe it happened.the greatest miracle is when a sinner like myself is saved and delivered by the power of God. i will tell you of another . a dear friend of mine named gene was a roughneck in the oilfields and was a hard liver and an unbelieverwho was beset with t.b. and had to have a lung removed. the surgeon took 3 ribs out to remove the lung and this operation left a long scar.he then got t.b. in the other lung and was having a hard time breathing and near death. a minister asked him if he believed God could heal him and he replied no but i thought you were the believer and the minister said i am a believer and prayed for gene.gene was slain in the Spirit and when he got up he was breathing better.he went home and when he took off his shirt the scar was gone. the next day he called his doctor(vance byers)and when the doctor exrayed gene he found the ribs replaced and a new lung also the other lung was completely clean.this was investigated by the fbi and was verified.this is one of many.sometimes it is importunity that is lacking. i have also seen people who believed God for the healin of a child watch the child die and lose all day soon gene is going to die as everyone does but his heart is now in the covenant keeping hands of Jesus and will have eternal life.jimp

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 Re: I'm losing my faith and I need your help...


Do you recall what happened when you became a Christian? Becoming a Christian was not simply a decision of the mind to convert to a different philosophy or a different set of rules to live by. You were forgiven of your sins and regenerated (born again) by the Spirit of God. I remember the sense of being clean, forgiven, and right with God. I knew that I knew that I was right with God. I still know this, not because I wake up with that same feeling every morning. There are days when I fall short or feel down and definitely don't "feel" saved. But my faith does not waver because my faith rests in the truth of the Word of the One who died for me and who gave me this great salvation. Your faith needs to rest, not on miracles or feelings, but on the Word of God. Our walk is one of faith, not one of sight. This is why it is so important that we renew our mind with the Word of God.

In regards to the rest of the question, yes, God has not changed and He is still working miracles. I have seen a sense of smell returned that had been lost for 40 years, an ankle that had been shattered just one week earlier healed immediately so the young man could play a very rough game of basketball within the hour, and a demon cast out. These are the "notable" events. There have been hosts of other sicknesses healed, etc. It is a great boost to my faith to witness these things and to hear of others. But in the end my faith must rest firmly on the foundation of the word wither I see miracles or not.

The answer though is a resounding yes. God is still doing what God has always done.


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I have never seen a healing the way you describe, personally. Never seen an overt miracle.
I am sure they happen, but I have not witnessed one in my experience.
But, He found me, and lifted me out of the miry clay, and made me His. That is a miracle both you and I have experienced. Our hope is built on the goodness of Him who saved us from this present darkness, and His faithfulness, even when our faith is weak, His mercy, though we are undeserving, His love, though we are unlovable,

 2012/5/4 7:52

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